Olympics Swimming Live Results, Updates, Highlights from Day Tokyo Games 2021: 5

On Wednesday, the biggest names in American swimming will race in an action-packed day.

Caeleb Dessel is a world-class sprint swimmer and will compete in the men’s 100 freestyle final. He hopes to win gold, take down the record for the fastest time, as well as hold off ROC’s Kliment Koleskikov. Bobby Finke, an American distance swimmer who is also a freestyler will compete in the Olympic men’s 800 freestyle. Nic Fink will be competing against tough competition in the men’s 200 breaststroke.

Some of the biggest names in the sport will be competing on the women’s side. The women’s 4×200 freestyle relay will see Australia, Canada, and the U.S. clash. This will be the third meeting between Ariarne Tippmus and Katie Ledecky. Talents in that race include Allison Schmitt, Penny Oleksiak (Canada), Summer McIntosh and Emma McKeon (Australia). A pair of U.S. women will compete in the 200-meter women’s butterfly race with Hali Flickinger, Regan Smith and Hungary’s Boglarka Kas.

Sporting News will be providing live updates from the Olympic swimming finals on day five.

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Olympics Swimming Results

Time (ET). Event Winner 2. Third
9:00 p.m. Final Men’s 800 Style (Final). Bobby Finke (United States). Gregorio Paltrinieri (Italy) Mykhailo Romanchuk (Ukraine)
9.44 pm Final: Men’s 200 breaststroke Zac Stubblety Cook (Australia). Arno Kamminga (Netherlands) Matti Mattsson (Finland)
9.53 pm Women’s 100 freestyle (Semifinal 1) Siobhan Bernadette Haughey, Hong Kong Cate Campbell (Australia). Penny Oleksiak (Canada)
9.58 pm Women’s 100 freestyle (Semifinal 2) Emma McKeon (Australia) Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden). Abbey Weitzeil (United States)
10:00 p.m. Semifinal 1: Men’s 200 backstroke Evgeny Rylov (Russia) Adam Telegdy (Hungary) Radoslaw Kawecki (Poland)
10:00 p.m. Semifinal 2: Men’s 200 Backstroke Luke Greenback (Great Britain) Ryan Murphy (United States) Nicolas Garcia Saiz (Spain)
10:00 p.m. Final: Women’s 200-Butterfly Contest Zhang Yufei (China) Regan Smith (United States). Hali Flickinger (United States)
10.37 pm Final Men’s 100-Freestyle Style (Final). Caeleb Dressel, United States Kyle Chalmers (Australia). Kliment Kolesnikov (Russia)
10:00 p.m. Women’s 200 breaststroke (Semifinal 1) Kaylene Corbett (South Africa) Lilly King (United States). Molly Renshaw (Great Britain).
11.01 p.m. Women’s 200 breaststroke (Semifinal 2) Tatjana Schoenmaker, South Africa Evgeniia Chikunova (Russia) Annie Lazor (United States)
11.08 pm Semifinal 1: Men’s 200-Individual Medley Duncan Scott (Great Britain). Daiya seto (Japan). Jeremy Desplanches (Switzerland)
11.14 p.m. Semifinal 2: Men’s 200-Individual Medley Wang Shun (China) Michael Andrew (United States) Hagino Kosuke, Japan
11.31 pm Final: Women’s 4×200 freestyle relay (Final).

Highlights and live updates from the 2021 Olympics in swimming

Final: Women’s 4×200 freestyle relay

11.31 pmKatie Ledecky will be swimming the anchor leg in the women’s 4×200 freestyle relay. This will be Ledecky’s third match against Ariarne Titmus from Australia. It is expected that the relay will be won by Australia.

The 200-man individual medley for men (semifinal 2)

11:15 p.m.Andrew will be the No. The final will be the 4th seed, Shun taking the first spot and Scott following in second. Seto takes the third.

11.28 p.m.Andrew finishes second with 1:57.08. Shun wins the heat by swimming an amazing freestyle. Andrew finishes second with 1:57.08. Kalisz won’t make it to the final of the 200 IM.

11.27 p.m.Andrew hits the wall at 1:26.40, Shun at 1:28.33. Andrew will win the heat with the last freestyle.

11.27 p.m.Andrew wins the butterfly and backstroke, while China’s Wang Shun follows close behind.

11.23 pmAmerican swimmer Michael Andrew is swimming fast in the second heat.

The 200-man individual medley for men (semifinal 1)

11.21 p.m.At 1:56.69 British’s Duncan Scott won the heat, Japan’s Daiya seto was second at 1:156.86. Switzerland’s Jeremy Desplanches came in third at:57.38. Kalisz is sixth at 1:58.03.

11.20 pmKalisz is now fourth after the 150. He was eighth in the 50. Freestyle is now the main event.

11.20 pmLaszi Cseh, Hungary’s leader early on, finishes first after the 100 and 50.

11.19 pmChase Kalisz already has gold medals in the 400-individual medley. Now, he hopes to be able to race in the 200-individual medley final.

Breaststroke for women 200 (semifinal 2)

11.15 pmKing and Lazor both qualify for 200 breaststroke final. King is No. 3, while Lazor takes the third overall seed. 5.

11.14 pm.Schoenmaker won the heat and almost broke her Olympic record of 2:20.57. Chikunova comes in second place at 2:20.57, while Lazor is third at 2:21.94.

11.13 pm.Annie Lazor (U.S.A.) is not currently in fifth place heading into the last stretch.

11.12 pmSchoenmaker maintains her lead by swimming a 1:107.54 on 100, with ROC’s Evgeniia Chukunova second.

11.12 pmAfter the 50th, Tatjana Schoenmaker is now the Olympic record holder.

Breaststroke for women 200 (semifinal1)

11.08 pmOnly three swimmers were faster than 2:24 in this field. Corbett finishes in 2:22.08; King at 2:22.27, Renshaw at 2:22.70.

11.06 pm.King finishes second in 200 breaststroke. He is just behind Kaylene Corbett from South Africa and Renshaw.

11.05 pm.King, after the 100th vote, is now just two votes behind Molly Renshaw of Great Britain for the number one spot.

11.04 pmLilly King starts in the 200 breaststroke semifinals in the fastest lane. American teammate Lydia Jacoby finished second in the 100 breaststroke.

Final Men’s 100 Freestyle

10:00 p.m.Dressel takes the gold medal and sets a new Olympic record of 47.02. The silver medal went to Australia’s Kyle Chalmers, who came in strong at the end. Kolesnikov comes in third, at 47.44.

10:00 p.m.Dressel is quick to get off to the 100, and is now leading the way at the 100-free turn.

10.36 pmCaeleb Dressel is here. As the second seed, he’s behind Kliment Kolesnikov from ROC. He can he win the 100-freestyle gold medal?

Final: Women’s 200-Butterfly Contest

10.33 pmYufei is now the Olympic record holder with a time of 2:03.86. Smith is at 2:05.30, while Flickinger comes in at 2:15.65.

10.32 pmYufei takes the gold, setting an Olympic record. Smith wins the silver, while Flickinger takes the bronze.

10.32 pmYufei is consolidating her lead but Flickinger & Smith are now in great positions to award the U.S. with two additional medals.

10:00 p.m.Flickinger, Smith came in second and third respectively. Yufei looked like she was gaining late on Yufei but she is still the leader.

10:00 p.m.Zhang Yufei is the favorite for the event and leads through 50.

10:00 p.m.Regan Smith and Hali Flickinger, two Americans who will be watching here in the 200-meter butterfly swim.

Women’s 200 backstroke (semifinal 2).

10.17 pmGreenback holds the top time in semifinal at 1:54.98. This makes him No. The final will be hosted by the 2nd seed. Murphy is the third seed, with a time 1:55.38. American teammate Bryce Mefford ranks sixth at 1:56.37. Rylov is the No. Rylov is the No. 1 overall seed.

10.16 pmGreenback and Murphy are the leaders of the field, and they rank in the top 2. Nicolas Garcia Saiz from Spain is in third place for the second semifinal.

10:00 p.m.After the 100th race, Greenback remains in first place. Murphy is now second. Greenback was the fastest preliminary finisher.

10.14 pmMurphy is third, after the 50th. Luke Greenback, Great Britain’s leader in the field.

10:00 p.m.Murphy, who is the Olympic gold medalist in 200 backstroke will try to make it to the final, to defend his Olympic title.

Men’s 200 backstroke (semifinal1)

10:00 p.m.This semifinal was close. Rylov finished at 1:54.45. Telegdy was 1:54.45 and Kawecki at 1:56.68. The heat was won by all but one swimmer.

10.09 pmRylov won the semifinal heat by one body length. Hungarian Adam Telegdy finished second, while Radoslaw Kawecki from Poland placed third.

10.08 pmRylov leads after 100. He’s increasing his lead going into the wall.

10.07 pmEvgeny Rylov, ROC, swimming in the fourth lane during the first heat. Ryan Murphy and Bryce Mefford, both from America, will be swimming in the second heat.

Freestyle for women (semifinal 2)

10.04 pmHaughey and Campbell will take the second and third seeds after McKeon. Oleksiak, Weitzeil and Campbell will finish fifth and seventh in the 100-free final. Brown was not selected.

10.03 pmMcKeon will be the No. 1 seed with her 52.32 top time. The 100-freestyle final will be held at the 1 seed. Sjostrom is 52.82, and Weitzeil was 52.99. Brown was seventh with 53.58

10:00 a.m.McKeon is the winner of the semifinal, followed by Sarah Sjostrom from Sweden and Weitzeil in third.

10:00 p.m.After the 50th race, McKeon and Anna Hopkin from Great Britain lead the charge.

10:00 a.m.Two Americans will be swimming in the semifinals: Erika Brown, and Abbey Weitzeil.

Freestyle for women (semifinal 1)

9.58 pmHaughey finished with 52.40 seconds, just below the Olympic record of Australian Emma McKeon’s 52.13 prelims. Oleksiak was third with 52.71, while Campell came in second place at 52.71.

9.56 pmHaughey takes the heat, Campbell is second, and Penny Oleksiak from Canada third.

9.56 pmSiobham Haughey of Hong Kong is just ahead of Cate Campbell (Australia), at the turn.

Final: Men’s 200-meter breaststroke

9.51 pmStubblety Cook now holds the Olympic record for the 2:05.38. Kamminga won silver in 2:07.01, and Matti Mattsson from Finland wins bronze in 2:07.13.

9.49 pmAustralia’s Zac Studety-Cook breaks an Olympic record by catching Kamminga in 200 breaststroke and winning the gold medal.

9.49 pmKamminga still leads with 50m to go

9.48 pmAfter the 100th race, Arno Kamminga (Dutch swimmer) is now swimming at a world-record pace.

9.47 pmIn the final 200 breaststroke, all swimmers will be free.

Final Men’s 800 Freestyle

9.47 pmFinke’s final 50-meter run was incredible and won the gold.

9.43 pmFinke takes gold with 7:41.87. Paltrinieri wins silver at 7:42.11, while Romanchuk takes bronze at 7:42.33.

9.41 pmFinke wins the gold medal outright, completing the last 50 in lane three.

9.41 pmFlorian Wellbrock, Germany takes the lead at the last turn.

9.40 pmPaltrinieri leads the race as the bell rings to announce the end of the lap.

9.38 pmPaltrinieri is losing ground, but the field is catching up with them. Two Ukrainians, Mykhailo Romanchuk (Ukraine) and Serhii Froglov (Ukraine), are leading this charge.

9.37 pmPaltrinieri and the rest of Paltrinieri are very close. Finke currently is in second.

9.35 pmThrough the 200th race, Paltrinieri had a lead of about one-third of a length. Paltrinieri has gotten off to an impressive start.

9.34 pmIt’s Italy’s Gregorio Palatrinieri who leads the charge after the 100th.

9.33 pmAmerican Bobby Finke will be performing the 800 freestyle. In a close preliminary, he finished third.

Olympics swimming schedule 2021

Except for July 31, heats will start at 6 AM ET each morning. ET, and the finals race will begin at 9:30 PM ET. ET. ET.

NBC will replay the qualifying heats every day for those who live in America.

Wednesday, July 28, 2008

Event Time (ET). Channel (U.S.) Channel (Canada)
Heats 6. USA CBC
Finale 9:00 p.m. NBC CBC

Thursday, July 29, 2009

Event Time (ET). Channel (U.S.) Channel (Canada)
Heats 6. USA CBC
Finale 9:00 p.m. NBC CBC

Friday, July 30,

Event Time (ET). Channel (U.S.) Channel (Canada)
Heats 6. USA CBC
Finale 9:00 p.m. NBC CBC

Saturday 31 July

Event Time (ET). Channel (U.S.) Channel (Canada)
Finale 9:00 p.m. NBC CBC

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