Protest over discrimination by 500 Ubisoft employees Abuse

Activision Blizzard workers are organizing a walkout today in protest to a lawsuit alleging that the company has been accused of discrimination and abuse. Former and current Ubisoft employees, another company that has been accused of discrimination and abuse, have now signed an open letter to support Activision Blizzard workers and demand change in the industry.

The employees wrote an open letter stating that it has been more than a year since Ubisoft’s first disclosures about systemic discrimination and harassment. You were surprised at the acts of discrimination, harassment and bullying within Ubisoft’s company. We gave you the benefit-of-the doubt. We have not seen anything more than one year of empty promises and kind words. Your commitment to addressing these problems at the root is not something we can trust. “You must do more.”

Axios reports that nearly 500 employees, both current and past, have signed the letter, which includes employees of Ubisoft Studios in Europe, North America and Asia.

Ubisoft Management acknowledged the need to do more in the wake of the last-year’s allegations and promised that there would be a series investigations that confirmed the existence of misconduct at Ubisoft. One of these investigations revealed that 25 percent of Ubisoft employees had witnessed it firsthand. Employees today write that they are not satisfied with the response.

Ubisoft workers wrote the following: “We suggest that Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft collaborate and agree on a set of rules, processes, and procedures for dealing with reports regarding these offenses. Employees in positions other than those of management and representatives from unions must be involved heavily in this collaboration. It is crucial to make sure that the people directly affected are part of this change.

The full statement can be viewed above by Stephen Totilo, journalist.

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