Racing League: Team Ireland in Focus

Racing League: Team Ireland in Focus

Some of Ireland’s most renowned and youngest jockeys are flying the flag in the Racing League.

Joseph O’Brien and Donnacha O’Brien are brothers, aged 28 and 23, respectively. They will be heading together as Irish raiders to Newcastle for raceday 1.

Each O’Brien had a similar career, but it was short and not very successful. Then they joined their father Aidan to become top-class trainers.

Joseph, the older brother, has won 12 Group One races, and an Irish Derby. Donnacha, on the other hand, has made a great start to her first 18 months of being a licensed holder with two Group One victories.

David Egan is the head of the trio of jockeys for the team. He has been a strong performer in the past seasons including the win at Mishriff’s $20m Saudi Cup earlier this year.

David Egan
David Egan enjoyed a big money victory on Mishriff in the Saudi Cup

Gavin Ryan (the last-year’s Irish champion apprentice) and Dylan Browne McMonagle, the potential champion in waiting, are his companions.

View from the stables

Joseph O’Brien…

Joseph O'Brien

“Donnacha’s training career has been great and I look forward to playing with my brother.

“Dylan Brown McMonagle had an amazing year. Gavin Ryan, a strong, skilled rider, and David Egan have had great years internationally as well as in the UK. Last year, we were fortunate enough to have David win for us. We hope that in the coming six weeks we will be able to team up again.

Kevin Blake is a photographer who will be spending most of his time trying to capture the perfect shot.

Donnacha O’Brien…

Donnacha O'Brien

Joeseph O’Brien provides most of the ammunition and Kevin Blake the brains.

After his Mishriff exploits, David Egan is undoubtedly the most wealthy member of our team. We are lucky to have him as a top-class rider.

“Dylan Browne McMonagle will be the champion apprentice in Ireland for this year. He is good value at his 3 pound claim.

Gavin Ryan, my stable jockey is very skilled and makes good use of his large head.”

Manager’s perspective

Kevin Blake…

Kevin Blake

At 28 years old, Joseph O’Brien is our oldest member. Although he has only been training for 5 years, he is a Group One winner so his results are not bad. His team will be the majority.

Donnacha O’Brien, a whippersnapper. After being a jockey, he turned 23 on the other side. He has been in training since 18 months.

He’s done well because he already has two Group One winners.

At just 22 years old, David Egan is Team Ireland’s senior jockey. His riding is a great compliment to his looks as he works his way up the ranks of Team Ireland’s senior jockey.

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