Singapore will provide NDC content through Aeronology Connectivity

Singapore Airlines joined Melbourne-based Aeronology’s travel distribution platform. It provided its New Distribution Capability inventory for Aeronology’s NDC Direct Connect technology.

This connection allows travel agents to book, search and service Singapore’s NDC content as well as traditional global distribution network content from one screen. Through its portal, Aeronology will also provide content from Scoot Singapore’s low cost carrier subsidiary.

In June 2019, Aeronology was officially launched and certified as an NDC aggregator at Level 4. Aeronology has contracts with three of the major GDS providers, Travelport, Amadeus, as well as China’s TravelSky and Qantas, which it joined this month as its first NDC Direct partner.

Instead of licensing fees, the platform makes its revenue from per transaction.

Russell Carstensen, cofounder of BTN said that small ticketing is the way we make money. He also added NDC to it. We can integrate it in systems to allow them both to process the GDS content and NDC.

Aeronology has so far signed up two agencies partners: Connexus Travel in Hong Kong, which is focused on corporate business and Express Travel Group which focuses heavily on leisure travel to Australia and New Zealand.

Publiated at Wed. 28 July 2021, 19:54:04 +0000

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