Ten Tips and Tricks that will help you fight in the ground Samurai Warriors 5

Samurai Warriors 5S via Backward Compatibility). We wanted to give beginners an overview of Musou Gaming, since this series isn’t available on Xbox systems since 2006’s Samurai Warriors 2. These are 10 ways to start…

Let’s get down to the basics

To deal with hundreds of enemies at once, strike all of them in one big sweep. If you encounter an enemy in the direction of your character, press the attack button three times. Then unleash the larger charge attack. This is called a Power Attack. This normal-normal-normal-charge combo serves to strike many enemies at once, helping clear a path to the next group of soldiers.

It takes two

Nobunaga (or Mitsuhide) are two of the main characters in Samurai Warriors. They should be your first priority for training or upgrading characters. Your life when you have to fight through the most difficult battles will be easier if Nobunaga or Mitsuhide are achieved quickly.

Stunning Fashion

Combination attacks can be more effective against stunned enemies. This is particularly important for fighting enemy warlords, who will always be ready to respond with counterattacks. Most fighters are capable of stuning their opponents using a combination hit that includes 2 regular attacks and a Power Attack, depending on which weapon they use. After being stunned, you can follow it up with stronger attacks in order to bring the warlord down.

Why can’t we be friends?

You can use different troops in Citadel mode to protect yourself against enemy invasions. Friendship levels will rise as characters fight together. When their Friendship level is at its maximum, they will be able view extra scenes that are not included in the normal story mode (Musou).

The Ultimate Skills for Paying the Bills

Ultimate Skills is the best way to learn how to play golf like a professional.There are four typesYou can equip a variety of Ultimate Skills at once, including Recuperation which refills Musou gauge and the Avalanche which sends out a huge spear to ground in an enormous shockwave that stuns all enemies. These Ultimate Skills will allow you to create better combinations and eliminate enemy units the most flashy, dazzling manner possible.

It’s time to get hype(r).

You can use Hyper Attacks to gather your enemies together and follow it up with both a Standard attack or a powerful Power attack. You can feel the thrill of defeating many enemies simultaneously, and you can also continue your combo. You will see a significant increase in your character’s strength as you add to your combo counter.

You’ve got the power

Some Power Attacks can be made unique by equipping a weapon your character is skilled with. This is an extremely powerful attack so characters who learn it earlier are more likely to be able to use it.

Gold Rush

Some enemies can be defeated more quickly by using specific Ultimate Skills. If you use the correct Ultimate Skill against an enemy, it is possible to defeat them in one shot. The time before you have the opportunity to apply your next Ultimate skill also decreases and you get more gold.

It takes time to train

The rewards that you get from combat, like Stock EXP or Stock Weapon Mastery, can be used to effectively strengthen your characters. Once you have gained access to your new character, head over to the Dojo to start building them!

The Elements of Surprise

Focus on learning skills that increase your character’s Musou Gauge. You will be able to use your Musou Frenzy Attack freely and your weapon’s elemental effects activate, making your character a more dangerous threat on the battlefield.

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