There’s nothing to look at in your ear. Every AirPods has a new wireless earbud. Feature at HALF of the price

AirPods Pro are a benchmark for wireless headphones, however, at PS219 they can be expensive. Nothing launched an AirPods rival this week, and it is priced at only PS99.

Although the ear (1) was Nothing’s debut product, it is already attracting a lot of attention. The ear (1) is a product that aims to be different from others. It has a lower price and possesses a unique, transparent design. It is transparent in the outer shell, which allows for some view of inner workings.

Carl Pei (Nothing’s CEO) described the earbuds “a breath of new air”. He was just 24 when he co-founded Android juggernaut OnePlus.

These ultralight, 4.7g earbuds look great. They have a red light at the right ear and are white with silicon tips. The specs of the earbuds are also impressive. A full charge can last for 5.7 hours, and the 11.6mm driver will provide a listening experience of 57 hours. Additionally, the wireless charging case is capable of holding 34 hours. Wireless charging is compatible with Qi and the app features a “find my earbuds” function. It’s located usually at the back of your sofa. This is

These buds have active noise cancelling in 3 different modes. This technology makes calls clear even when you’re in loud environments. Bluetooth connectivity is also available, as well as tap-and gesture controls.

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The team apparently designed the ear (1) entirely from scratch to achieve this feat. Tech Crunch was told by Pei that transparency was an issue in their design. “It turned out that there is a reason there aren’t many transparent consumer tech products. It is really difficult to achieve high-quality. It is important that the inside of your home looks as beautiful as the exterior.

Although marketed as an Apple competitor, the ear (1) price is comparable to Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ and Google’s Pixel Buds A-Series.

Google uses passive adaptive sound instead of active noise cancelling. The case does not support wireless charging and charges in five hours. Samsung’s more costly buds are better than ear(1) with eleven hours of battery life.

It will win the battle for the buds. It will be interesting to see what happens, although Nothing is supported by a number of technology giants, including Reddit founders and Twitch founders, as well as the inventor of iPod. In March, it raised $1.5million through crowdfunding.

Get your ear(1) through a limited release on 31 July or wait until the 17 August to receive a larger release.

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