They didn't want to read super-anime books.

They didn’t want to read super-anime books.

They didn't want to read super-anime books.

Interview with Suzie Yeung (voice behind Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Yuffie).

My name is Aoife, and I love Final Fantasy. I enjoy Final Fantasy a lot. Ask my Eurogamer colleagues, who have endured for years. My Eurogamer colleagues were able to join me at the 2015 Sony E3 Conference. I was privileged enough to witness my tears when Final Fantasy 7 Remake was announced. This was a game that I had dreamed of for many years. It’s a game that I’d longed to play since childhood, when I saved the world from the evil Red XIII. The wait was hard, but the game launched April 2020. It was mostly. Although the ending is an entirely different topic I have covered extensively elsewhere, Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PlayStation 4 was beautiful but had texture problems throughout. It was heartbreaking for someone who loved the idea of reliving this story with new visuals. I found it hard to believe that key moments in the story were being ruined by either a flowerbed looking like it was overtaken by a truckload full of vaseline or an uninviting cityscape.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is an updated PlayStation 5 version that fixes these problems and reduces the load time. While not all low-resolution textures have been removed, I am currently playing the game through again. Even better was the fact that Intergrade’s main game was available as an upgrade for PS5 owners. However, it also offered one extra option that would require players to purchase. Final Fantasy 7: Intergrade Episode is a fun DLC piece that occurs alongside the original events. Even though this means that players can explore many of the same assets and areas, Episode INTERmission’s real star is Yuffie Kisaragi.

Yuffie was an option secret character in the original video game. You could meet her only after you left Midgar. However, they have expanded her character and in so doing, enriched the wider world lore about the much-talked at, but not really discussed, war between Midgar, Wutai and her homeland. This is an enjoyable piece of stand-alone content. Yuffie, her voice, is superb. I also had the pleasure of speaking with Suzie Yeung about the experience she had of being part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s cast and what her expectations are for Yuffie’s meeting the rest of her party. This is a long way to say that I am proud of the Zoom call I made look exactly like the OG FF7 menu screen. This is some serious dedication for Final Fantasy 7 geeks.

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