Today’s Destruction AllStars July Update arrives


Lucid’s team has been working hard on the Destruction AllStars patch, now available. This patch brings many improvements to the game. This update will provide information on current seasons and give insight to how the patch improves gameplay.

We’ve spent the last few months refining Destruction AllStars core gameplay experience, based on community feedback. Thanks to all who have shared their feedback on Twitter or Discord and highlighted areas that could be improved. Many of these observations align with ours and have helped to guide our internal playtests, which are aimed at trying new features or pushing the game further. The patch today includes many fixes and improvements such as decreasing the “ghost hits”, as well as improving on-foot and slam experience.

We’re expanding Season One to give players a better experience and adding tiers for the AllStar Pass. Updates on the future Seasons will be available at a later time. This decision was made with the community at heart. Many of the improvements are already live in today’s patch.

Ghost Hits

Feedback on multiplayer “ghost hits”, which can occur during multi-player games, was a major point of contention. Some players felt their vehicles lost health, but no cause was given to them. There are certain intentional mechanisms that could cause it, like Shyft’s Hero Vehicle turning invisible. However, most cases involve vehicles being close to other vehicles but not touching them or no vehicles at all. Latency in a Match of Destruction AllStars is one possible cause.

A number of factors can influence the latency experienced by a player when connecting to our servers or playing the game. This includes the inherent latency that other players experience.

The game now has a set of new parameters that can be used to communicate with the server. This should make it easier for everyone to work together. Some of the team members have claimed that these changes are night and day, in terms of how they helped to reduce “ghost hits”.

Ramming and more slamming

Feedback was also provided about the Destruction AllStars’ minute-to-minute gameplay. You might feel frustrated when your vehicle’s brakes are unable to stop, especially if you’re trying to reach your next target. We agree with you that Destruction AllStars should not have a skill limit. However, these situations were happening a lot too often.

We have drastically reduced the vehicle slam cooldown for all vehicle types, as well as all Hero Vehicles. We feel that this changes brings an entirely new level of fun and destruction to the game. Players are performing incredible wrecks more often by increasing their ability to slam opposing players.

This is just a small selection of improvements that we made to Destruction AllStars today. All of this and much more can be accessed in the game’s live version.

Play new ways and enjoy more

While we are committed to addressing the community’s concerns about some core aspects of the game, it is important that we recognize the desire of players to find new ways of playing and cosmetics in Destruction AllStars. We’ve updated the game with new content as part of Season One. This will allow players to really dig in.

Today’s new additions:

  • High quality cosmetics and skin care products are now available
  • Online parties for solo game modes
  • Quickplay has a new playlist
  • AllStars, Hero Vehicles, and Buffs
  • Reworked Mayhem maps, smaller arena sizes (coming live in the next few weeks).
  • There are three new AllStar Pass premium tiers
  • New shop interface

We are proud to announce all of the patches today. However, today’s patch also included online parties for single-player game modes. The community requested this feature, and the team worked hard to make it happen. We’re looking forward to seeing you all having fun and wrecking each other in Carnado and solo Mayhem.

Two maps were also modified and we will add them to the Mayhem playlist within a couple of weeks. We find these maps to be much smaller than those the community is used too and they increase the violence! We will be paying close attention to the opinions of the community about these maps, and may have some surprises up our sleeves for them!

Also, we did a balance check on AllStars as well as their Hero Vehicles. The goal was to pull characters who might be underperforming so they can compete with our best AllStars. The patch notes contain all details. However, it’s never been easier to experiment in the arena with AllStars than now!

Beyond Season One

We would like to thank the entire community for their support. We are grateful for your support and passion, and can’t wait hear from you about today’s patch.

All of these improvements are a significant step in improving the experience for Destruction AllStars players. Our team wanted to deliver meaningful improvements to the community and hit the mark with the latest patch. We are thrilled to have been able to provide some new maps and skins for the community.

Publiated at Wed. 28 July 2021, 17:20:34 (+0000).


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