Video: BMW M4 and Ford Mustang Mach 1- Battle of the Bandits Manuals

The new BMW M4 Coupe in the US 8

This is a rare opportunity to compare manual and automatic cars within the same video. Stick shifts have become rare over time, and are still only available on very few cars. The base BMW M4 is one of these, and it can only be purchased with rear-wheel drive and a stickshift. The Ford Mustang Mach 1 is another option and they may be rivals.

The video below shows you what that looks like. It’s fascinating to compare the two vehicles and see all of their differences. Ford brings back a iconic badge that was used 70 years ago. Mach 1 makes a return and uses an old recipe, a V8 engine and manual gearbox with rear-wheel drive. The engine’s 5.0-liter displacement produces 460 HP and 529 Nm (or 390 lb-ft), respectively, which is a little less than the M4’s.

Even though the BMW has a considerably smaller engine, it makes more power thanks to the magic of turbocharging. It develops 473 horsepower (480 PS) and 600 Nm (479 lb-ft) of torque, not a drastic difference, but still more. However, when it comes to the gearbox, the Mustang has the edge, since the reviewer says it has closer gates and shorter shifts, making it feel more precise overall. There are other advantages to the Ford too, such as the exhaust sound and design.

The M4 is a great example of this. Once you get inside you can see where all the money was spent. It is much more finished and has better materials. The BMW rides even better. The BMW is much more comfortable than the Mustang special edition. You can also use it daily. Ford officials said drag racing was not permitted with the car. We won’t know which is quicker.

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