After the Tokyo Olympics, Australian athletes are locked down Contact with a US pole vaulter, who was positive COVID-19

The Australian Olympic Committee forced athletes to take refuge in their village just one day prior to the Tokyo Summer Games’ athletics competition.

Kurtis Marschall (pole vaulter) came across a positive case as he was a member of the team.

Chris Reason, Channel 7’s Channel 7, stated that after coming in contact with an American pole vaulter it was decided to isolate the whole athletics team.

Reason stated that they believe the outbreak is linked to the U.S. Team. We know Sam Kendricks is a pole vault star in the United States and has been positive for this outbreak.

It is believed that he could have been training with Kurtis Marschall (Australian pole vault champion).

Kurtis was instructed to return straight away. Kurtis had been working together with the other members of the track team, so the AOC decided to isolate the whole team from the rest until further notice.

The pole vault for men begins on Saturday.

A statement by the AOC stated that all members of the team would undergo PCR testing, which will return results within a few hours.

The statement stated that members of Australia’s track & field team are being evacuated from their bedrooms following the news about a positive COVID finding.

“Australian track and field athletes are currently undergoing tests in accordance with Australian Olympic Team protocol.”

After Dane Bird Smith, a race-walker, withdrew just prior to flying to Tokyo from the Games and was replaced by 62 Australian athletes in track and field, the entire Australian team now has 62. The number of athletes in the group is unknown.

Team USA issued a statement confirming that Kendricks had tested positive for COVID-19.

Before leaving for Tokyo, the Australian track and field team had already experienced a COVID-19 panic.

One staff member was given an inconclusive result that came back negative at Cairns, the training camp for the group.

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