All-new Toshiba Smart Fire allows you to catch the Olympics in 4K Televisions on Sale


Save up to $110 on Amazon’s all-new Toshiba C3504K smart fire TV. The 43 inch model starts at $269.99.

Whether you’re a diehard USWNT stan or plan on channeling your inner horse girl when it’s time for the showjumping competition, the headline-making moments of the Tokyo Olympics won’t wait. And when it comes to upgrading your streaming setup from a small, dingy display without any built-in smart features or apps, neither should you.

Amazon has just put the new Toshiba C350 fire TV on sale at as low as 27% — depending on the size you choose, that’s a savings up to $110

The 43-inch model is now available for $269.99, which is normally $369.99. You can also get the 50 inch version for $369.99. Or you can go big and buy a 55-inch model for $409.99 (typically $519.99). These are all very low prices.

The C350 series was released in May. It updates Toshiba’s “Fire TV Edition” display with a minimalist design but retains most of the functionality that we love about Alexa-enabled TVs. The C350 series includes support for live TV and thousands of apps and streaming channels. It also features a Voice Remote that allows for hands-free operation. DTS Virtual:X, Color Re-Master and DTS Virtual:X combine to create an immersive viewing experience that includes natural-looking pictures and virtual surround sound.

The 55 inch model comes with an $18.75 delivery charge — this applies even if you have Prime (SMH). However, both the C350s smaller ships for no additional cost.

Save up to $110 on Amazon

Credit to Toshiba

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Publiated at Thu 29 July 2021, 17:38:07 +0000


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