Bang & Olufsens Beoplay EQ

Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay EQ is its first truly original product.Wireless earbuds equipped with ANC

Bang & Olufsen has a long history of wireless gaming. While the company is well-versed in wireless technology, there have been a few wire-free products. However, active noise cancellation (ANC) has been a glaring omission. B&O has solved the problem with their new Beoplay EQ earbuds. This audio accessory is not only capable of reducing ambient noise, but also features solid battery life and wireless charging. Price: 399 USD/349 EUR 399. This is the only thing that could be a deal-breaker.

Bang & Olufsens Beoplay EQ

Bang & Olufsen’s “Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation” setup for the Beoplay EQ has many similarities to the flagship earbuds made by Sony, Apple and other brands. The ANC chip is used in conjunction with the ANC chip. The Bluetooth chip doesn’t do double duty. This component is combined with a pair of microphones that continuously monitor your environment and adjust ANC settings as necessary. This is the “adaptive” part. B&O claims that two additional microphones have “retunenoise reduction technology”, which B&O states results in crystal clear calls. True wireless earbuds can vary in voice quality, and mileage is subject to change. Proper testing will be required. The company offers an app called Beosonic which allows you to adjust the sound as you see it.

Bang & Olufsen claims that the earbuds will last 6.5 hours with the two extra charges included in the case. The case is compatible with wireless charging, and it’s made of aluminum in true B&O style. A quick-charge function allows you to listen for up to two hours in just 20 minutes. The box contains four size options of silicone tips as well as one pair Comply foam tips to help you choose the right fit. The Beoplay EQ has an IP54 certification, which means they can withstand water and dust. This is enough to ensure that the earbuds are comfortable during sweaty workouts.

Beoplay EQ will soon be sold in many countries around the globe on August 19, in both black and golden color options. In China and Japan, the earbuds will be available for purchase today. However, they are only available in black. These countries will soon have gold.

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