Beta users get the PS5 SSD expansion upgrade supported hard drives revealed

Australian website Finder posted this Seagate SSD news.

Jeff Park, the Seagate Technology ANZ country manager spoke to Finder and stated that they had done testing on Sony’s PlayStation 5 and could confirm today that the FireCuda 530 equipped with the heatsink met all requirements.

The SSD slot in the PS5 is narrow so it’s difficult for the SSD to be mounted. The FireCuda530, even without the heatsink at the top, fits perfectly. The FireCuda 530 is thinner, and will therefore fit in the PS5.

PlayStation Support offers detailed advice about which M.2 SSDs are compatible with 5.

It warns, however that this beta version is still in development and specifications could change before the software’s official release.

Publited at Thu 29 July 2021, 10:26:49 (+10000).

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