Dick Strawbridge speaks of a ‘brutal truth’ when he informs Angel that he has only so many years to live

Dick Strawbridge (61), revealed that Angel Adoree (33) has asked him to continue living for an additional 30 years. The Escape To The Chateau stars rose to stardom as they renovated their French 45-room home. However, Dick Strawbridge, 61, revealed that Angel Adoree, 43, has begged him to live for another 30 years.

He joked that Angela only had so many years before she turned her toes.

It’s an ugly fact.

A more positive Angel replied quickly: “I have requested for 30 years!”

Dick, despite her pleas for mercy, has started to plan his funeral and plans to be buried near their beautiful French home.

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He stated, “There’s no doubt that I will be planted somewhere there,”

We do what we do.

He continued, telling the Telegraph that “anyone can achieve whatever they want if they just try,” he said.

They share an eight-year old Arthur with seven-year-old Dorothy. The pair tied the knot after they met at a friend’s 40th birthday party that Angel hosted in 2015.

They have not stopped addressing the 18-year gap in their lives.

We knew that we needed to talk after spending Christmas with each other.

I said “Damn girl, that is amazing, but it’s time to stop this.”

He also explained his belief that Angel would make the right decision and was surprised when Angel told him that she wanted him.

He told You Magazine that Angel and I enjoyed our time together, but then I said it was time to tell her she needed to meet a man young enough to have children.

Dick smiled and said “What she told, b ****y lady, was that I really wanted her.”

Angel admitted that she didn’t consider love when Angel was younger.

Her previous statement to The Sun stated that “Age is just a number and Dick has always had a wonderful energy and is a doer.”

He is so passionate about life that he has made the best of every moment. That is what I love about him.”

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