Die Hard 6 cancelled by Bruce Willis Prequel-Sequel McClane, but there is hope

Eight years have passed since A Good Day To Die Hard was first released. It is the fifth episode in Bruce Willis John McClane’s action series. There were also plans for Die Hard 6, which used to be called Die Hard: Year One before it was renamed McClane. It was planned that the sixth movie would be a prequel and sequel, partly set during the NYPD officer’s 1970s years with an actor, but also present day with Willis.

However, Die Hard 6 was cancelled after Disney bought Fox Films and changed their name to 20th Century Studios.

During press interviews, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, producer of GI Joe’s movie Snake Eyes, broke the news with Polygon.

He replied, “Yeah. No, it’s not happening.” What was even more interesting is that we came up with the idea.

It was not Die Hard, but it became a project.

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Lorenzo said, “What was fascinating about our idea? It allowed you to meet John McClane and use Bruce.

It was very interesting. You could see him in both his versions. “A bit like The Godfather Part 2.”

He said that Disney was rumored to have been considering McClane’s TV series.

The House of Mouse is certain to reboot Die Hard, or bring back Willis for future outings.

McClane responded: “Hey, this’s my line!”

Express.co.uk interviewed Jai Courtney in 2017 about his role as McClane’s father in A Good Day To Die Hard.

When asked if he would like to be back for Die Hard 6, the Suicide Squad Captain Boomerang Star replied: “If it’s true then I’m sure. That stuff is my favorite. You can shout it! Yes. Yes, I am certain I would.

The majority of Die Hard films are now available for streaming on Disney+.


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