Dominic Raab suggests that US and EU rules will open the door for Dominic Raab more ‘reciprocal’ quarantine-free travel

On Wednesday, the Government announced that dual-jabbed visitors from the US and European Union will be allowed to enter the UK. Dominic Raab, Foreign Secretary of the UK said that this announcement has prompted other countries around the globe to reach out to the UK to seek “reciprocal” agreements to end quarantine.

After the announcement Mr Raab said he had received messages from world leaders wishing to start discussions about how the UK can allow travel.

It is very interesting that foreign ministers have contacted me to say they noticed the announcement. They also asked me if there was anything we could do on a mutual basis ?’,”Mr Raab said Sky News.

It has encouraged a dialogue about the safety of travel for British citizens and British companies.

“I believe that as we move out of lockdown, we begin to think about international traveling. It is safe and steady to do it with countries that have high levels of trust. We can check the vaccinations their citizens received before they come to this country.”

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Raab stated that it was part of the steady, surefooted easing out lockdown. This includes international travel for economic and other reasons.

Transport secretary, John McDonnell said that the Government believes they have safeguarded the UK and are now in a stronger position to defend the country against any future Covid or variant epidemics.

He said, “We’ve doubled the vaccinations of 70 percent of our adult population so that when we get out of lockdown we will be in a stronger position.”

We keep an eye out for variants but due to the 70% double-vaccination of our population, and because we invite only people from the US and EU, and maybe, in the future, when we have more confidence in the system we will allow other countries in.

“Because we’ve double-vaccinated people, we feel we have the appropriate level of security against anyone who may be at risk from coming into our country.”

Currently, however, there is no reciprocal agreement between the US and EU.

There is no EU-wide policy on travel to the UK. Each country has its own entry requirements.

Some cases allow only UK-bound arrivals with double-jabbed passports to enter for leisure. In other cases rigorous screening remains and, in still others, Britons are banned from entering.

Despite this, travel to the USA has yet not been opened for UK visitors.

Green card holders are the only ones allowed to enter the US.

According to reports, the UK has been urging the US not to impose a travel ban on double-jabbed Britons and to allow them to leave the country unharmed.

Raab stated that he cannot confirm when Britons can travel without restrictions or which countries could be added to the green-list next.

He stated that those who book a vacation now must “consider the traffic lights system” in effect now.

Foreign Secretary added that “We cannot give cast iron guarantees as to what the next review will determine.” It wouldn’t make for a meaningful review system if we did.

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