Outer Wilds expansion

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Outer Wilds expansion

Mobius Games is excited to announce our Outer Wilds expansion! Echoes Of The Eye is a new, mysterious location in the solar system that holds many secrets. The expansion was designed as though it had always been there, but wasn’t yet discovered. Echoes of the Eye will be available on Timber Hearth. This is the beginning of a final journey to the darkest and most mysterious parts of the solar system.

It might seem strange that we added content to Outer Wilds, which is already an amazing experience. We needed something to follow Outer Wilds as a small, unestablished studio. It had to be simple and not too crazy. But it would allow us to develop and deliver Outer Wilds-like content. We had already been playing with a variety of more traditional ideas to add DLC for Outer Wilds. We realized we couldn’t expand on the game without giving players something substantial and new to do while adding to the story. Echoes of the Eye is not as broad and deep as the base game, but it has more depth than any other location in the solar systems. The rabbit hole is so deep that our playtesters were pleasantly shocked!

You might have guessed that adding something significant to an existing game was quite a challenge. It is a complicated process to create Outer Wilds content, so it was not long before DLC evolved into an expansion. Echoes of the Eye’s structure ended up looking a lot like the entire original game. Echoes of the Eye is not the original game, but it’s a miniature version. The story was not as straightforward and we added many new mechanics. Outer Wilds is known for its light horror aspects, but the expansion takes it to the dark side. We’ve also added an option called “reduced terrors” to the menu in case you feel it’s too scary!

Echoes of the Eye, like Outer Wilds will be more enjoyable if you don’t know much about it. We won’t spoil too many details before you have a chance to experience it yourself. We’ve used many of the classic science fiction elements as our inspiration, and created dynamic play systems and the storyline. We are eager to see how the fans respond to our new discoveries. As usual, we try to provide plenty of additional details to answer any questions. However, Echoes of the Eye might contain the answers that you are looking for. Is there any knowledge better kept secret?

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