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GabeN has been playing with Dota 2’s Steam Deck

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The Steam Deck is Valve’s solution to mobile gaming. It allows you to run all your favorite PC games from your handheld device. Although it won’t be available until December, we have been receiving plenty of information about the mod support and games that will run on it. We also learn from Valve’s head Gabe Newell, that the device has been playing Dota 2 on the console.

GabeN, in an interview with IGN (below), was asked whether there were any Gabe-specific features he requested to be included into the Steam Deck. The team then had to implement them. He replies, “Well I play Dota immediately with every new version so I have probably been more focused on the usability testing’.”

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Newell responds to questions about the trackpad on his device and whether it’s important for him. It’s not me being president.” Thus, we should expect Dota 2 will play fine on Steam Deck once it arrives. Given that GabeN has been testing it with MOBA games, this is a good indication.

If you want to see the entire interview, here it is:

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Valve previously stated that their upcoming device will have the required performance to play the most recent generation of video games. They also said that they don’t know of any other game that would be too difficult to handle. So it seems like this new gaming PC can run all the great PC games in your Steam library.

Publited at Thu 29 July 2021, 16:00:59 +0000

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