NBA Draft Grades 2021: Live Results, Analysis for Every Pick in Round 1

Although the NBA playoffs are over, it is not over. The NBA Draft is here.

The draft class for this year is very strong, with potential franchise-changing prospects like Cade Cunningham from Oklahoma State and Evan Mobley at USC. Draft night will likely see lots of activity as front offices prepare for free agency. This annual event is expected to quickly follow.

What teams are likely to land the future All-Stars What selections are going to shock NBA Twitter? Which general managers are going to be the most aggressive in moving up the draft board?

Sporting News will give instant grades and analysis when the picks are made public on Thursday. Below is our tracker for the 2021 NBA Draft.

Top 60 big board

NBA Draft Grades 2021: Analysis and Live Picks from Round 1.

Round 1

1. Detroit Pistons — Cade Cunningham (Oklahoma State)

Cunningham is a great player. His 3-point shooting ability, which is uncommon in this division, is something to be proud of. Cunningham’s command of the court is a plus. He isn’t one of those players who can’t see what’s there like Penny Hardaway or Jason Kidd, but he always sees the pass available.

Cunningham’s success should be the most important thing for the Pistons. Cunningham was outstanding in the FIBA U-19 World Cup 2019. After enduring a tense Big 12 season, he helped Oklahoma State reach the title round of its conference tournament. It makes sense to draft someone with both potential and proven results in a draft that has no clear star but many quality prospects.

  • Grade: A.

2. Houston Rockets — JalenGreen, G League Ingnite

Green was told that the G League Ignite program would provide little more preparation than an additional year in AAU when he signed up. Green could have received better coaching but playing in meaningless exhibition matches against disinterested opponents isn’t going to make him a viable NBA player. The G League Bubble was established to provide a place for minor league NBA players. They were also included in the G League bubble, which allowed them to play 15 games against teams that were pursuing championships or playoff berths.

Green shot an impressive 36.5 percent from 3-pointers, and averaged 17.9 point per game. Green is expected to have a good understanding of NBA rules, a quick grasp on the clock and the ideal size and talent for developing into a scoring wing. A wing that could be an All-Star would make a good starting point for a team with everything.

3. 3.

This is an indication of how the NBA has changed its mentality. Mobley is no longer the best centre prospect in the draft. It is the No. 1 overall selection. This is also an indicator of how much a player who has Mobley’s size (7-0, 215 lbs) will be appreciated at the middle position. Shaquille Oleal, the No. He was 7-1 and 293 lbs when he won the No. 1 spot in 2007.

However, the need now is for large men to be able to move around the perimeter and defend against screens. Mobley excels in this department. Mobley is an excellent shooter and has great skills as a passer. He views the game as if he were his father. He is a great player and I am tempted to ask myself if I shouldn’t have made him number one. My big board is number 1. He’ll need to get stronger — and wings are now the most crucial position in NBA. But a man as big as Mobley makes the Cavs one the most exciting teams in the league.

4. Toronto Raptors — Scottie Barnes, Florida State

It is difficult not to enjoy him and to love him — even at this point. Barnes has so many qualities: A winning past, ball skills that allow him to play as a pointguard, commitment to his team, and the size to dominate at this position. He can also function occasionally as a small-ball forward power forward. Barnes was able to play in the college system of Florida State, where he learned but didn’t excel. He played 25 minutes per game and tried eight shots. Although it would be nice for him to take more control, that is not the way FSU organizes its programs.

He was much more at ease in this role during the U-19 World Cup 2019, scoring in double figures in four of seven games. The investment is in what could be. It’s worth the risk. The Raptors are logically selecting him because of Fred VanVleet’s contract. They can also use Barnes as a playmaker to help them. He’s been listed as a forward, which may be his plan. But he sees it more like a point-guard.

5. Orlando Magic — Jalen Suggs, Gonzaga

A modern NBA team needs a point guard who is a good size and a decent length. He also has a great understanding of pick-and roll play. A track record of elite shooting would make him even more appealing, though there are plenty of indications that he will improve with time. Although he doesn’t fly as well as Cade Cunningham and Jonathan Kuminga, he does have the uncanny ability to position his body to achieve success. This is something that analysts often overlook when discussing “athleticism.”

This is what I have said before. Watch the second half Gonzaga’s victory over BYU to see his true value. His determination to not allow the Zags to lose was evident and his willingness to take on any challenge was admirable. It will be difficult to achieve this given the Magic’s current state, but he is the type of player that one can create a team around.

6. Oklahoma City Thunder — Josh Giddey, Adelaide 36ers

There are many similarities in Giddey’s passing abilities and Cade Cunningham’s size. Although neither has the same level of vision, each one has an excellent sense for where his teammates are on court. They also know how to best use their position to their advantage. Giddey excels at picking-and-roll and exploiting mismatches. Giddey is unable to pass defenders, and relies on his strength and long reach to win over them. This was not against American NBA players, but the NBL guys in Australia. Giddey, on the other hand is an inept deep-shooter at this level.

Although the Thunder might think they are getting Luka Doncic’s next star, the Mavericks player was named Euroleague MVP when he was 19 and won the title largely due to his performances. Giddey was part of a poor team in Australia’s NBL. But it’s different.

7. Golden State Warriors (via Minnesota Timberwolves) — Jonathan Kuminga, G League Ignite

Warriors couldn’t resist Kuminga, a player with a ceiling so high that he is the only one capable of reaching it. Kuminga can be drafted like a 3-game parlay in your favourite gambling app. Although it’s more difficult to know for sure, the potential rewards can be greater. Kuminga, who is A++ in terms of dynamism and has been the fastest player to join the league since Andrew Wiggins. However, his game spans a lot longer. Wiggins is unique in that he produces stats but never wins. That’s what Kuminga is all about.

He might have won the Slam Dunk Contest in his career. But what about other things? To excel in the league, he must be more than just a straight-line driver or finisher at rim. He could be a top-ranked scoring wing if he can get a jumpshot. He seems to be further away than the other draft prospects. He is a strong prospect, but can he make it to the Warriors’ floor at his full potential?

8. Orlando Magic — Franz Wagner (via Chicago Bulls), Michigan

His ability to rebound from a wing position is what makes him the best draft defender. He is alert and aware, as well as physically strong against any of the other players that he inspects. He is a great passer and handler of the ball. When necessary, he finishes at the rim with dexterity, and when needed, even physical force. We would be talking about him if he was a shot-gunner. He’s not. This is after only two college seasons. Many players have improved their skills since then.

He was drafted by Magic. They are not a contender for the playoffs. This means that he will be able get minutes while he works. This is a great situation for them both.

  • Grade: B+

9. Sacramento Kings — Davion Mitchell, Baylor

Davion is the only person who truly loves the game. Okay, the Kings may have loved Davion too much. The team already includes Tyrese Hilliburton, De’Aaron Fox and the former on a maximum deal. Mitchell could be drafted by any other team. This team desperately needed frontcourt toughness.

Everyone who watched the 2021 NCAA Tournament saw Mitchell’s extraordinary leadership skills. Mitchell was an outstanding leader in leading Baylor to its title. He is known for his exceptional on-ball defense skills and excellent shooting. He is not only a winner, he is a champion. He’s the Kings’ 18th point guard and is probably the most gifted.

10. New Orleans Pelicans — Ziaire Williams, Stanford

As a result of a trade, the Pels selected this player for the Grizzlies. Imagine the person in New Orleans who took the call from Memphis and had to resist the urge to reply: “Seriously?”

Williams has talent but Stanford’s season was an inexplicable failure. Williams averaged 10.7 points per game and only 4.6 rebounds, while his shooting ability (37.4 percent on the field and 29.1 on threes), to the lackluster production to Williams’ mysterious end of the season when “didn’t travel with the team” to Las Vegas, as 247 Sports stated. Perhaps being with Ja Morant will make Williams better.

11. Charlotte Hornets — James Bouknight, UConn

His presence on the board comes with a lot of risk. He is likely to be able to perform well because of his high above-the-floor style, however it can also make him vulnerable due the size and stature the opponents he will face. Trae Young is even smaller, but Young has a game that’s close to the ground. Bouknight, at first, is an above-the rim player and winds up on his back more than a pole vaulter.

As he becomes a better shooter and more frequent flyer, it might be less important. But a man has to build his reputation (and make money) which can prove difficult without using the best of your talents. It is a concern that he will be able to play more than 82 games per year. It is difficult to overlook the greatness he has at his best.

12. San Antonio Spurs

13. Indiana Pacers

14. Golden State Warriors

15. Washington Wizards

16. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Boston Celtics).

17. Memphis Grizzlies

18. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Boston Celtics).

19. New York Knicks

20. Atlanta Hawks

21. New York Knicks (via Dallas Mavericks)

22. Los Angeles Lakers

23. Houston Rockets via Portland Trail Blazers

24. Houston Rockets (via Milwaukee Bucks).

25. Los Angeles Clippers

26. Denver Nuggets

27. Brooklyn Nets

28. 28.

29. 29.

31. Utah Jazz

Round 2

Choose The Team
31. Milwaukee Bucks (via Houston Rockets)
32. New York Knicks via Detroit Pistons
33. Orlando Magic
34 Oklahoma City Thunder
35 New Orleans Pelicans via Cleveland Cavaliers
36 Oklahoma City Thunder (via Minnesota Timberwolves).
37. Detroit Pistons (via Toronto Raptors).
38. Chicago Bulls via New Orleans Pelicans
39. Sacramento Kings
41 New Orleans Pelicans (via Chicago Bulls).
41 San Antonio Spurs
42 Detroit Pistons (via Charlotte Hornets)
43 New Orleans Pelicans via Washington Wizards
44 Brooklyn Nets (via Indiana Pacers)
45 Boston Celtics
46 Toronto Raptors via Memphis Grizzlies
47 Toronto Raptors (via Golden State Warriors).
48 Atlanta Hawks (via Miami Hawks)
49 Brooklyn Nets (via Atlanta Hawks).
50 Philadelphia 76ers (via New York Knicks).
51 Memphis Grizzlies via Portland Trail Blazers
52 Detroit Pistons (via Los Angeles Lakers).
53 New Orleans Pelicans (via Dallas Mavericks)
54 Indiana Pacers (via Milwaukee Bucks)
55 Oklahoma City Thunder (via Denver Nuggets).
56 Charlotte Hornets (via Los Angeles Clippers).
56 Charlotte Hornets (via Brooklyn Nets)
58 New York Knicks via Philadelphia 76ers
59 Brooklyn Nets (via Phoenix Suns)
60 Indiana Pacers (via Utah Jazz)

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