Rainbow Six Siege is getting a Rainbow Six Extract Event in August

Although the release date for Rainbow Six Extraction has been moved to January next year, it seems like we don’t need to wait so long to see what happens to our alien invaders. Ubisoft has teased a new Rainbow Six Siege event in August, which appears to be tied to the game. A lot of leaks already revealed details about how that event might look.

Official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account posted an “informative safety message” about the Abidjan Metro System. It warned that “consulate station, and the surrounding areas, are currently closed for commuters because of a gas leak”. The account’s header now features an extraction-style growth, and the date August 3.

There’s no prizes in guessing that the Consulate will be hosting an Extraction themed takeover. This event, as with most Siege Updates, has leaked already. Zer0Bytes recently posted footage of Consulate’s special mode with Extraction’s alien liquid goop. It also indicated that the event would continue through August 24.

Below is the official teaser.

Ubisoft workers signed an open letter expressing dissatisfaction with the management’s handling of allegations about discrimination and abuse in 2020. This was in solidarity to yesterday’s walkout at Activision Blizzard.

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