Reminder: Ambitious Game of Thrones-style RPG Crimson Desert is delayed

Reminder: Ambitious Game of Thrones-style RPG Crimson Desert is delayed Indefinitely

The gameplay trailer for Pearl Abyss’ upcoming RPG, Crimson Desert was very impressive when it premiered at last year’s Game Awards ceremony. We were impressed by the scale and detail of the trailer, as well as the intense combat and detailed characters. It suggested that this was a place we would love to spend a few hundred more hours in. We’ll have to wait a bit longer, as Pearl Abyss announced it was delaying Crimson Desert and did not provide an update release window.

Pearl Abyss wrote in a statement that “Crimson Desert’s gameplay trailer was revealed last year and the responses we got from the community have been a tremendous source of encouragement to our team.” Crimson Desert is currently in development and we are excited to share new experiences with you. We have made the decision to spend more time on new ideas to make Crimson Desert even more richer.

The delay in Crimson Desert is not surprising after 18 months of working from home for many game studios. It is possible that the hint at adding new ideas to an already complex game was not expected.

In case you want to refresh your memory, here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

Crimson Desert’s initial release window was in winter 2021. We don’t know how long ago that was pushed, but Pearl Abyss plans to create and add entirely new content and systems. This could mean we are in for a while. It’ll all be worth it if Crimson Desert does what it suggests in its trailer.

Publited at Thu 29 July 2021, 16:00:58 +0000

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