Seattle exhibit by DaVinci: “We have Leonardo among us” Region’s innovation spirit

Seattle exhibit by DaVinciThe DaVinci’s Inventions exhibit opens in the Museum of History and Industry on Saturday, July 31, 2021.

Seattle will host an international exhibition that showcases newly built works inspired by the sketches of Leonardo DaVinci on Saturday.

For its West Coast debut, the traveling exhibit will remain in Museum of History and Industry from Jan. 2 to January 2.

DaVinci was an artist, inventor and sculptor, but the objects in this exhibit weren’t built by him. These pieces were created from DaVinci’s sketches by Italian artists. The exhibit features 60 wood inventions that hang from the ceiling. A few of the inventions have even been labeled inviting patrons to touch them and moving levers or handles to learn how they function.

Leonard Garfield is the executive director at MOHAI. He stated, “This stuff doesn’t look real, we know this, but we want to inspire people with it.”

Seattle exhibit by DaVinci: "We have Leonardo among us" Region's innovation spiritOne of DaVinci’s flying machines, recreated from his sketches, showcased in the Museum of History and Industry.

These inventions show DaVinci’s observation of nature, including flying contraptions and three-dimensional city plans. You will also see his drawings that examine human anatomy.

MOHAI is a regional innovation center that focuses on the Seattle area. Garfield stated that the museum theme was matched by the exhibit because there are Leonardo’s in the region.

Garfield mentioned Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and most other inventors who see space as an endless frontier.

Garfield stated that Leonardo said that after someone takes to flight, they never look down again. It’s the vast universe and receding horizon, Garfield explained.

Seattle exhibit by DaVinci: "We have Leonardo among us" Region's innovation spiritLeonard Garfield, executive director of the Museum of History and Industry, stands in front of a model of Leonardo DaVinci’s ideal city plan.

Bezos donated $10 million in 2011 to MOHAI. He rode with three other people on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocketship.

Sondra Snyder is the director of education and said that DaVinci, though he hails from Italy some 5,000 miles from the Pacific Northwest.

Snyder stated, “It was that individual who was curious about everything and was dabbling with everything, and was innovating & experimenting.” It’s this spirit that I believe makes the connection.

Snyder stated that the exhibit was accessible for all ages and hopes students can experience it. The museum anticipates that it will host between 20,000 to 30,000 students during field trips. However, with the pandemic attendance is not certain.

DaVinci’s works can help students learn about their role in the world, she said.

Snyder stated, “Everyone is able to identify the needs of their immediate environment and can become an innovator around those. I believe this supports that idea.” We see the failures, but [DaVinci] did not give up. This is a very important message that we should also share with them.

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