Seven Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Workout

Seven Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Workout

Seven Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Workout

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High expectations are placed on entrepreneurs who succeed. It is easy to forget one aspect of a successful career, which is overall well-being and fitness. Numerous business owners, both new and experienced, experience unmanaged stress and fatigue. This can lead to a stressful lifestyle for their family and cause them unnecessary strain. This dangerous dynamic is exacerbated by hectic work schedules, frequent traveling and other factors.

The health and well-being a key entrepreneur is crucial to a business’ success. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the top or in the beginning stages of a growing company, or just starting a new business.

Let’s look at some of the key reasons.

1. 1. To become smarter

Michael Hyatt is a leader expert, founder, and chairman of Michael Hyatt & Company. He once stated that “at its core, entrepreneurialism just means solving problems for money.” Researchers have shown that exercise has a direct correlation with problem-solving abilities. The Montreal Heart Institute found that aerobic exercise increases cognitive function in a 2012 study. It was clear that exercising makes you more intelligent. Businesspeople are conscious of the importance of industry learning and professional growth, but many fail to realize that exercise can help them retain and process more information.

Josh Steimle (entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker) was quoted saying:

If I stopped exercising, because it felt like being a successful business owner was more important than my health, I’d end up with a much worse business owner that I was back when I had it as a lower priority.

2. Relieve stress

There will be problems in any company. It is important that you have a way to get out of the stress and not lose your ambition or slip into depression. It’s a great way to do that. You need to exercise to keep your mind and body healthy.

Exercise can also reduce cortisol, which is a stress hormone that can cause organ damage and inflammation. Cortisol is reduced through exercise, which makes us happier and healthier. It also promotes better sleeping patterns. Although stress will never completely disappear, regular exercise can reduce it.

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Promote happiness Encourage happiness

Consider the time when you were having a terrible day. Do you remember how difficult it was for you to do the best work, or get any tasks done? Being active can help you get through the emotional rollercoaster that is business ownership. Exercise promotes the release of endorphins–chemicals that minimize discomfort and promote feelings of satisfaction and well-being. Get up and get moving the next time that you feel overwhelmed. The American Psychological Association reports that you will feel the positive effects of exercise within 5 minutes.

4. You can fuel your dream of success and have the opportunity to live it.

Financial freedom and independence are the ultimate goals. You can travel anywhere you like, make your own schedule and work whenever and wherever it suits you. This is often a long-term goal that requires hard work and years. Many people view this stage as losing the ability to spend an hour or so each day on their bodies, rather than working. They don’t realize that the years spent neglecting their physical health have led to their bodies not being able to live in freedom and opportunities they had worked hard to achieve. When you exercise, consider it as simultaneously working to build your temple, your body, and your dreams.

5. 5. Improve your memory

A business professional must have a lot of knowledge about key aspects of their job. This requires strong memory. Networking is one example. The ability to remember and use small details, which can be difficult for many people and create new opportunities and impressions. It is not necessary to spend hours at the gym in order improve your memory. Scott McGinnis (a Harvard neurologist and professor in neurology) conducted a study that found significant recall improvements for participants who exercised twice per week.

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6. 6.

Your idea is great, but your brain stops working. Your creative juices stop flowing. Long hours spent on projects can cause a lack of creativity or quick thinking. However, exercise can also help to clear brain fog. Clear-headedness after a workout will allow you to think creatively, improve productivity and finish your projects faster. These moments when you feel “in the flow”, are a sign that your body is functioning as it should.

Scott Cullather (CEO of inVNT), wrote in “5 Daily Habits for Successful Entrepreneurs” that exercise was an important part of his daily life.

He writes, “It is amazing to me how many creativity have come to my during these long runs creative solitude.” It not only gives you endurance to travel the globe for 18-20 hours per day, but also stimulates your brain and helps with your thinking.

7. Anyone can have confidence?

Are you ready to be more confident, calm under pressure, emotional intelligent, charismatic and skilled at communicating a vision? You only need to start exercising a few times a week. Exercise also has a significant impact on how you see yourself. A study in Psychology Sport and Exercise found that those who exercised prior to answering the questionnaire reported feeling significantly stronger and thinner. Even better, the felt that way even after they finished a workout. This helps explain why exercisers have a higher self-image regardless of how much weight or appearance has changed. It’s not about looking the best, but being confident about your body and mind through regular exercise.

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