Spain’s ‘Period Of Uncertainty’ is still a popular choice for travelers. Changes made to the green quarantine list

Even if traffic lights change, holidaymakers in Spain may still have to be quarantined. Dominic Raab, Foreign Secretary suggested that more countries would be added to the amber and green travel lists.

He was also asked questions about Spain’s traffic light status and the confusion it caused.

He said, “I completely understand that.”

“This is an uncertain period as we emerge from lockdown.

I think that you are a bit ahead of where Government will be next Week, but what we really want is to open up with minimal inconvenience to people. However, we must be vigilant for the different variants.


Although he didn’t confirm the changes, the Foreign Secretary said that Spain might be added to a new List.

He stated, “You will know it next week.” It is best to evaluate it based on the traffic lights system that we currently have in place.

We cannot guarantee the outcome of the next review.

It wouldn’t make a meaningful review system if we didn’t.

However, the speed at which people can travel free could increase with double-jabbed people.

Raab said, “I cannot rule out the possibility that the Government will determine but they will make that determination next week regarding the traffic light system in all the relevant countries.”

But I believe it is positive. I am referring to the double vaccine reaching 70% of this country’s adult population.

We’ve accomplished the domestic job and we are seeing other countries catch up. I believe we can be more confident in the future that there will be many countries that go green or amber.

Publiated at Thu 29 July 2021, 09:03:47 GMT +0000

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