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Spider-Man No Way Home: Daredevil star Charlie Cox cancels event for ‘filming’

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According to reports, Spider-Man No Way Home’s cast has been rumored to have seen a variety of actors including Andrew Garfield and TobeyMaguire. Cox is the man who played Matt Murdock/Daredevil on the Netflix Marvel TV series. This is one of the most intriguing rumors. Cox’s tenure as the blind hero ended with the cancellation of the series after three riveting seasons. His involvement in Spider-Man Marvel’s third movie is the latest information.

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Cox will be appearing at the Celebrity Fan Fest convention next weekend in San Antonio, August 6.

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Cox pulled out of convention due to schedule changes.

Official Celebrity Fan Fest Twitter account stated: “THE DANGER: Charlie Cox has been forced to withdraw from #CelebrityFanFest due to changes in last-minute filming.

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Spider-Man No Way HomeSpider-Man No Way Home could include Charlie Cox (Image: GETTY * MARVEL)

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This is an unfortunate turn of events, but it raises the question: What is Cox filming about?

According to Wikipedia, Kin is the only show that the star has a upcoming appearance in. It has finished filming and is currently in post production.

He could be filming some scenes for No Way Home if he’s not on that show.

He is expected to attend the third Spider-Man movie currently being shot in Atlanta.

Spider-Man daredevil charlie coxSpider-Man: Charlie Cox will be at filming of No Way Home with Spider-Man? (Image: GETTY)

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Spider-Man tom hollandSpider-Man may team up with Daredevil (Image: MARVEL)

According to the theory, Cox will reprise his role of Murdock in order to rescue Peter Parker (Tom Holland), from a difficult legal situation in No Way Home.

The final seconds of Spider-Man Far From Home saw Peter’s secret identity revealed to national television. This would have been the beginning of this scenario.

Kevin Feige, who was asked recently if the MCU would incorporate elements from the Netflix Marvel series made matters more convincing.

He said, “I’m open to anything that has happened before. It could be our movies or Marvel Entertainment TV series and, especially, comics, videos games, cartoons.”

Season 3 of Daredevil is introduced by Charlie Cox

Spider-Man marvelMarvel movies (Image: MARVEL * EXPRESS)

Feige continued, “All of this is available for inspiration for the future Marvel. This is how comics worked for over 80 years. We’ll soon see.

Cox also previously admitted that he’d love to be back as Matt Murdock.

The British actor answered a question about whether he can imagine a fourth season for Daredevil. Although I’m not sure why, it’s something I’ve been told.

It just seems like I might be trying to protect my self, but it’s really nothing other than a desire to repeat it.

Fans would demand a remake of Daredevil or another series of Cox’s show if Cox was to return as Daredevil.

The star continued, but it could prove difficult, as other cast members have moved on to new projects.

He stated, “But it’s so complex, and people are so busy, and contracts so difficult when you’re making a TV show.”

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