The Ascent is now available to help you survive a dystopian future Xbox Game Pass

The Ascent Group is your membership, but are you sure you’d be able to survive on its own? This RPG is a co-op and solo action-shooter RPG that takes place in sci-fi cyberpunk.The AscentThis is the debut title by Swedish indie company Neon Giant. S, Xbox One and with Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC.

The Ascent is a story about players who want to find out more about The Ascent Group. This self-contained, corporate-run metropolis stretches into the sky, and it’s filled with alien creatures. When The Ascent Group closes, it causes the entire world to crash. It quickly turns into a Darwinian and dystopian hellscape with crime syndicates and rival corporations looking for occupants and players taking up arms to keep them away.

The Ascent - July 29 - Xbox Game Pass * Optimized for Xbox Series X|S * Smart Delivery

The Ascent is like many other RPGs. You start at the bottom of your food chain due to your servitude. As you advance, you’ll gain more power and be able to find new cyberware, weapons, and augmentations that will help you fight for your survival. The Ascent offers an unprecedented level of verticality and allows you to use different platforms and levels to navigate the world.

There is also plenty of action for single players.The AscentCo-op is also possible for as many as four people. The Xbox Series X also supports 60fps and full 4K support, providing amazing gaming performance for the new consoles. S, Xbox One, and with Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC,The AscentThis action-oriented sci-fi RPG aims to elevate the genre.

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