When Destiny 2 crosses-play begins, you might be given a brand new name Live

Bungie has provided details today on how cross-play will be implemented in Destiny 2. We know this for a while. To ensure that names remain consistent across platforms, all players will be given a Bungie name. This means you may not get the name you want.

The blog posts states that developers are converting every name to an identity that is consistent across all platforms. This is your Bungie name. This will result in a temporary renaming, but we believe it is best for all of us long-term.

The format for these names is “PlayerName#1234”, but only the part before the hash will be displayed to the other players. Bungie states that certain characters could be removed due to platform limitations. This can lead players “to end up with empty names or names that resultin’ in offensive terms”.

“If you have a name that is empty, or contains a modifed term, the name of the Guardian[Random Number]” will appear over the head of your character. Cross-play will launch in Season 15 but this feature will be available sometime during the winter.

Bungie’s name system, matchmaking and player search are all available for cross-play in the “early season 15” launch. Privacy options will also be offered. Soon after launch, cross-platform voicechat will be available. The winter will bring console text chat and name change options.

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Publited at Thu 29 July 2021 22.57:59 +0000

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