Amanda Owen, from Our Yorkshire Farm raises concerns about bikini selfies on’red waters’

Amanda Owen is Our Yorkshire Farm’s star. She stunned her fans by posing in a bikini with polka dots and studded neck. As she enjoyed family time, the mum-of-9 showed off her toned physique while cooling off in the sun with her kids.

She displayed her youth and posted a photo of her 46-year old offspring, who were heading to the river near Ravenseat Farm.

Some fans were enthralled by Amanda’s swimwear and praised her for being a model. Others expressed concern about Amanda leading the children into dangerous territory.

Amanda provided information about wild swimming safety and Tony, their beloved family pet, was included in the TV show’s wild dip.

Amanda wrote: In light of his 377,000 subscribers, Amanda said that “after an insanely hectic time we have been enjoying cooling off.

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A fan with a keen eye commented, “It’s water in peat.”

One other person agreed, saying that the water will have passed through peat. The water from this part of the Dales is perfect for Yorkshire Tea.

A second confirmed that the water would be “peaty”, hence the color.

A fourth said: “It is the peat in soil.”

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