Amy Winehouse: Undiscovered footage, NFTs and rare photos for collectors to trade


Amy Winehouse: Undiscovered footage, NFTs and rare photos for collectors to trade

Daphne Barak is an author and journalist. She spent six months living with Amy and her family. Before writing Saving Amy, she released never-before-published content, including video clips and pictures of their time together.

Barak, a US-based filmmaker, filmed approximately 40 hours with Amy Janis, her mother Janis, and Mitch.

Barak has opened her archive to fans 10 years later. They can now collect the parts themselves through a series NFTs.

The footage includes tender moments of family between Barak and her three children, which Barak used to create the basis for her bestseller.

Six drops of the Saving Amy Legacy Series will be available for purchase once per week, six times a year.

For six weeks, fans will have the opportunity to receive rare NFTs from Amy and look back at her remarkable career.

Barak will participate in VIP experiences, where she’ll share her connections to Winehouse.

The Saving Amy NFT Marketplace is open to all collectors after the series ends. It will allow them to trade, buy and sell their NFTs in exchange for cash and prizes.

Barak was often considered the confidant of Amy, and she once said, “Only Daphne could explain my complex life.”

Barak visited Amy in London, St Lucia, and other places around the globe to create the book published in 2010.

Saving Amy is the first of three parts in a trilogy that was taken from the archives by the author. It focuses on the “superstars who passed too quickly.”

Future tributes will include Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.

Daphne Barak Library contains more than 350 interviews of celebrities and politicians.

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