Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: Chernobylite September 7.

Do you have the courage to confront your fears? On September 7, the Zone will be open to stalkers in Chernobylite. You should bring your best gear, as there are other threats lurking beneath the darkness.

Chernobylite is a science-fiction survival horror RPG from developers The Farm 51. Explore a storyline that is not linear in order to discover the truth about your past in Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone.

Igor Khymynyuk is a Chernobyl physicist who has now returned to the Exclusion Zone in search of his missing fiancee. She disappeared thirty years ago, on the day that the nuclear catastrophe took place. He dreams about her and must confront the terrors of the Zone. These are the ones who might have killed Tatyana. Are you ready to uncover the secrets of Chernobyl’s dark past? Are you ready to confront the reality you will find?

Tatyana Amelieva was Igor’s missing fiancee. He called him Igor to Chernobyl during his dreams. Her role seems to be that of a guide, as well as a nemesis. What are her intentions? Unknown. It’s difficult to tell in the Zone if she is actually there, or just a memory echo.

Chernobylite is a thrilling story of conspiracy, love, and obsession. You will find out not whether you are able to face your fears, but how you can overcome them as the events unfold.

The survival element of the game has many layers. To find the Exclusion Zone resources, you will need to establish your base, then set off on hazardous missions. You can’t accomplish your mission alone so it’s important to have companions. You will need to be able to communicate well with your companions to ensure your mission succeeds. It is not easy to survive in the Zone. Everyone has an agenda.

The radiation from exploring the Zone can be very damaging. Radiation levels that are too high can cause damage to your health. Your psyche will be affected by encountering alien soldiers or creatures. Sometimes your ammunition will run out, and you may not be able return to base in time to breathe. You’ll need to learn how to survive on the ground. You have two options in a difficult situation: you can make simple tools out of the materials you have or you can use old ones that you’ve found. To survive, you’ll need to be willing to go to any lengths to keep your body alive.

The survival elements of Chernobylite were designed to correspond with the game’s environment, Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone. You can, for example, collect scrap metal or chemical tanks. This is what devs from The Farm 51 saw while they were visiting Chernobyl.

The survival elements are down to earth and blend well with the paranormal aspects of the game. From another dimension, dangerous and mysterious creatures can enter the Zone. You’ll be able to open portals that allow for faster travel, or travel back in history and make changes. This tool will help you explore the Zone more easily. You’ll get more creatures if you keep using this power. There will always be a cost.

The Farm 51 developers traveled frequently to Chernobyl to collect data to create the in-game version. Michal Mierzejewski, from The Farm 51 said that they tried to replicate the Exclusion Zone surrounding the Chernobyl Plant Power Plant. They used photogrammetry for the best results. The fact that it was scanned will in some way save the Zone.

The team could view the entire Exclusion Zone when they reached higher levels in Reactor 5. Artur Fojcik was the Game Director.

The game has been forever influenced by iconic places like Cafe Pripyat and Chernobyl’s Power Plant.

Although it is full of secrets, the real Chernobyl Exclusion zone is safe. However, the Zone’s recreation using Chernobylite will not only take you on an exciting adventure, but it will also force you to confront your fears. Will you allow yourself to enter the Zone knowing this? We hope to see you at the Zone on September 7. We hope you survive.

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