Complete Highway Code Changes: Government Backs New Rules ‘road user hierarchy’

Highway Code is a guide for the transportation-pedestrian relationship. It applies to all countries in the UK. It is approximately 200 pages long and can be updated as priorities shift over the years. Recent government officials have focused their attention on cyclists and pedestrians.

What will be the impact of changes to Highway Code?

Department for Transport (DfT), has declared its intention to establish a road user hierarchy.

This new hierarchy will place cyclists and pedestrians at the top of the pyramid, giving them priority in many settings.

Bicyclists must be kept safe by drivers on a trip.

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The Cyclists will need to be as visible on the roads as possible by riding in the middle of the lane.

According to the plans they’ll have to make room for vehicles ahead of them.

The hierarchy proposes that the highest ranking position be held by pedestrians, while cyclists must look out for them.

At intersections, parallel and zebra crossings motorists must yield to pedestrians.

Numerous charities and organizations have welcomed this news. Others have expressed concern about the possibility of confusion among drivers.

Stephen Edwards, the interim head of Walking Charity Living Streets said that they will correct an inequity where “children walking to school” and “lorry drivers” are treated equally.

Nicholas Lyes from RAC’s roads policy department stated that the proposal would make walking and cycling safer.

Ministers must make an “unwavering effort” to inform drivers about the changes and to avoid confusion, he said.

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