DayZ founder Dean Hall has delayed his sci-fi survival video Icarus until November

Its beta begins 28 August.

Icarus is the sci-fi survival video game created by DayZ’s Dean Hall. It will not launch as previously announced. Instead, it will arrive sometime in November.

Icarus (now a full-price release after developer RocketWerkz pivoted away from its initial free-to-play plans) casts players as deep-space prospectors attempting to salvage what they can from the surface of a hostile alien planet following a terraforming disaster.

“Icarus was once destined to be a second Earth,” explains the game’s Steam page, “but when terraforming collapsed, the air turned toxic and humanity’s hopes of colonising a new world died… The cause of this failure was exotic matter, which was discovered by xenobiologists. This ignited new interest. These ‘exotics,’ which are valuable beyond all comprehension, sparked an unprecedented gold rush that fueled political tensions and brought prospectors to Icarus.

Icarus Gameplay Trailer.

RocketWerkz calls this a “sessionbased PvE survival” game, where eight players can leave their space station repeatedly to take part in short time-limited missions on planets’ survive. These trips could last anywhere from hours to several days or even weeks. Players can build structures and tools while on Icarus. Those who survive the return journey back to orbit will be able to use rare materials to create advanced technology to prepare for the more difficult challenges that lie ahead.

Explaining its decision to delay Icarus until November in a post on Steam, RocketWerkz wrote, “Our team is committed to providing the best experience for our players at launch. “We’ve carefully monitored the progress of Icarus’ development and decided to delay the launch.


RocketWerkz’s Icarus beta will launch on August 28th. It is available for anyone who pre-orders it. The beta will split into five weekends sessions, with each session introducing an element to the game. For instance, players can explore Icarus’ forest biome between 28 and 29 August. The follow-up session will be on 11-12 September, allowing the biome to experience its storms.

The arctic biome, with its animals and blizzards, will be unlocked on September 25-26th. Beta players can explore the desert biome from October 9-10th. Faction missions will be available from 23rd to 24th October. The final beta weekend, which runs 6-7 November, is a community event. RocketWerkz promises that exact times of the beta launch will be announced closer to it.

Interested parties can pre-order Icarus for around PS21 on Steam. RocketWerkz informs that pre-orders are eligible for a refund regardless of how long the purchasers have played Icarus beta.

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