Fort Triumph: Tactical Turn-Based Fantasy Game August 13


Hear you, hear ye Fantasy game based on tactical turnsFort TriumphS. You can order the game now, or you can ring the announcement to all villages and valleys: The game will be available on August 13.

The game is vibrant and uplifting, but it also offers great challenges, thanks to the ever-changing procedural map. You can’t lose your heroes or avoid death if you turn on the permadeath setting. Combat is turn-based, and depends on physics. You have a finite amount of Action points for each character. This means that you will need to be able to exploit the surrounding environment to your advantage. Sometimes it is better to just kick an enemy in the head with a tree than to spend all your AP trying to get to them.

Fort Triumph: Tactical Turn-Based Fantasy Game
August 13

Are you ready to take on the challenge? There’s also an interesting plot. It’s also very sinister. The entire world is at risk. The world is in danger. Goblins attack humans and evil lurks in the darkness. Even the heroes of the land are bankrupt. Lady Aureline is a noble local woman looking to hire mercenaries.

Liandra Pageturner, a Mage just lost her scholarship. Because magic school doesn’t cover how to buy the damn thing, Liandra joins forces with two less experienced friends in order to do some mercenary work. Problem is, Liandra becomes a little unhinged when she channels mana. It’s a minor problem, actually. For now. For now, mage use ranged attacks like the Magic Arrow and Whirlwind.

Fort Triumph: Tactical Turn-Based Fantasy Game
August 13

The Paladin Solaris Ironfloss is probably the most noble person that most people have ever met. After the Justice Factory closed, Solaris Ironfloss became jobless and joined Liandra’s party. Solaris has a dream of doing heroic acts with a childlike innocence and sees the best. He is deeply upset when the reality does not conform to his visions. The most resilient members of a party are Paladins, who perform melee attacks.

Evon Dogbane, a Ranger who is also a rebel without cause, is Evon Dogbane. Evon is cynical and greedy, and hates nobles. Many suspect that Evon is an arsonist. But maybe it’s because he doesn’t have one of these faces. He does good work, and it’s a great way to get around the tax collector. Evon is a Ranger who specializes in long-distance attacks. He also uses a variety of arrows for damage.

Krita Skullspitter, a Barbarian looking to be part of a party. She is also a hard worker and puncher. Krita Skullspitter believes that strength is more important than weakness, and the strong should determine what’s best for the weak. The focus of barbarians is to perform multiple actions at once.

Fort Triumph: Tactical Turn-Based Fantasy Game
August 13

Play campaign mode to embark on an epic adventure, make witty parodies of fantasy worlds and meet all the characters. It’s possible to save the world or even earn coins. You can choose your difficulty level and whether you want to disable Permadeath. If it is off, it will allow you to repurchase the lost hero from towns, provided you have the funds.

There are four factions to the game, including the Human Kingdom and Yak-Scuffle Goblins. The Restful Dead is the fourth. Every faction comes with its own perks. For example, the Forest Utopia faction is the strongest and has the highest number of health points. It also has a building which increases your armor but you cannot cover.

Fort Triumph: Tactical Turn-Based Fantasy Game
August 13

You have two options in Skirmish mode. Either you choose to choose your faction or let the AI choose for you. You can play against AIs or humans from outside the Campaign in this mode. You can set the difficulty, select your opponents and then let the best win.

Fort Triumph also offers Local Co-op. This is the traditional hotseat experience in Multiplayer mode. You can have up to eight players compete, or be allies. Allies share points and are not allowed to attack each other. Your screen will be shared, so keep your friends away from your actions.

What hero would you choose? What mode of play will you choose? This is the world ofFort TriumphOn August 13, you can explore the new space. Get your pre-order today!

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