HSBC DOWN – Thousand of people complain about online banking apps and online banking Services not functioning

You aren’t the only one who is failing to verify your HSBC bank statements on payday. With thousands of users complaining that they can’t access the vital online and banking services, it seems like there is a major meltdown at the app and web portals.

These issues started at 8:30 AM. HSBC currently shows no issues on its status page. However, Downdetector has thousands of reports from the UK. The outage tracker tracks social mentions about certain topics in order to determine when services are down around the globe. It is often quite accurate.

One user from HSBC stated that the mobile app was not functioning. Another user added that the mobile app was not working and said, “Cannot log in to internet banking”

These reports are not the only ones about Downdetector. Social media has a lot of people complaining about HSBC’s services.

Tweet: @HSBC, are you having problems with your systems? “I cannot login to the online or app.”

Another post was added: @HSBC_UK mobile banking down ‘again.’ A payday for the majority of us. It’s time for a switch, I believe.

Although there is no information on the cause or how they will be resolved, it is clearly a difficult morning for any HSBC customer.

After a series of issues that impacted HSBC last week, today’s outage follows.

Barclays and HSBC were among the most prominent brands. Thousands of customers couldn’t log in to their online banking or mobile banking accounts due to the outage.

The DNS provider Akamai is suspected to be behind these issues that have effected so many companies and services. Akamai is a critical infrastructure provider for many of these services, and has admitted that there are some issues with the service.

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