Italy: Hundreds of Tourists evacuated after a fire in the country in Sicily


Italy: Hundreds of Tourists evacuated after a fire in the country
in Sicily

Last night, hundreds of tourists were trapped on the island after a wildfire broke out near Catania Airport in Sicily.

Catania Airport published a social media warning earlier in the day.

The sign read, “Due to strong fires in the vicinity of the airport Catania Airport had to suspend all flight operations.”

“Inevitable delays” and potential divertissements on departure and arrival flights.

The fire is still burning at the moment of this writing.


Fossa Creta is the most severely affected, where many families were forced from their homes.

Many roads are closed on the island at this time.

A part of Plaia’s seafront was also damaged by the fire, which left shocking photos of the last remnants of the famous Italian beach.

A few Palermo houses were set on fire and they had to be evacuated.

Rosario Petta (mayor of Piana Degli Albanesi) said that this year had seen unprecedented devastation.

This is criminal activity, as the triggers are at multiple points. “

In the coming days, heatwaves will hit Sicily. __S.15__

A Level 3 Alert HTML3_ for Catania, Messina, Palermo and Palermo has been issued by the regional Civil Protection. There is also a heatwave warning for all of Sicily up to 6 August.

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