It’s a ‘Great Night For The’ with The Jalen Suggs Surprise Orlando Magic

The Jalen Suggs Surprise Orlando Magic

Markelle Fultz. Cole Anthony. R.J. Hampton. Now, Jalen Suggs. The Orlando Magic had been looking for point guards for years. They tried to work things out with D.J. Augustin Payton and Elfrid Pyton. After Thursday’s shocking NBA draft, suddenly the Magic are flooded with young talented point guards. They may be looking for ways to get out of this logjam.

This is a challenge that the team will embrace. They were awarded the No. The Magic needed some luck to get the No. 5 selection in this draft, which was widely considered as a four-player draft. Many were shocked when the Raptors took Scottie Barnes from Florida State with the No. Fortune smiled upon Orlando.

Jeff Weltman, team president, stated that “it was a wonderful night for the Magic.”

Suggs was still available for the Barnes selection. He is a consensus All-American player who scored 14.4 points and grabbed 5.3 rebounds. While the Magic didn’t need another point guard, who was not an excellent shooter, they did need talent. Suggs was one the best players to come into this draft. His talent is evident.

Weltman’s comments on Tuesday about whether the Magic might draft on the basis of need brought back the pick. It was obvious that Orlando had given up on the need to draft young men with potential and pulled off a foldthe-cards week before March’s trade deadline.

Weltman stated, “You’re aware of where we are at the moment.” Weltman said, “We are looking for talent and character. Specific positional requirements and the ability to slot in specific skills might be a good idea. However, I think they are somewhat secondary given our current situation. We feel that we will add two highly-talented players who can become high-level colleagues and teammates. I believe we have a lot of other guys who can do that. However, I hesitate to admit that we are not in the same place as we were several years ago. We don’t have the ability to fill a particular need. “We need more men we can learn with.”

The Magic can learn from Suggs. Orlando had also the No. The No. 8 pick was also used to select Michigan forward Franz Wagner. He is an intriguing pick as he does many things well, but not shooting, unlike so many Magic prospects. This is an issue in a league that’s very shooting-oriented. The Magic were 26 and 10.9 respectively in 3-pointers last season. But that’s only half of the story. The trade deadline moves meant that the Magic averaged 9.1 points per game, and only 31.7% of their shots from beyond the arc.

Franz Wagner, Orlando Magic

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This is a serious problem that the Magic didn’t want to deal with in their draft. This is quite understandable. Weltman stated that the Magic don’t have the luxury to draft for every need. The Magic need to find players that they can learn from.

The Magic had that coming out of the draft. Orlando has an impressive roster, with young players like Suggs, Hampton, Fultz, and Gary Harris in the backcourt, Wagner in the frontcourt, and Jonathan Isaac, Chuma OKeke, and Wendell Carter Jr. at the frontcourt. Of course, it’s not going to all work out. Isaac, Okeke, and Fultz all had issues with their health. Harris’ confidence has plummeted as his health issues have worsened. Harris will likely have to leave the team, as the No. Mo Bamba, the 6th pick in 2019, was selected. There’s more to the Magic than just sunshine and lollipops.

They were able to get one of the top four picks in the draft, despite not having the No. They were the 5th pick. This is a victory for the team in every way. The Magic was in desperate need of a win.

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