Knights Templar’s Holy Grail ‘treasure’ pinpointed to ‘labyrinth of tunnels’ in UK

Knights Templar were ‘legends in their lifetime’ says historian

Between the 12th and 13th century, the Catholic military order were among the most skilled fighting units of the Crusade period and managed large Christian economic organisations across Europe and the Middle East. Their sudden reduction in power inspired the rise of legends and has seen them at the centre of intense research ever since, especially in regards to the Holy Grail. But historian and anthropologist David Adkins has sensationally claimed he has pinpointed the location of their “treasure” – in a labyrinth of tunnels and chambers underneath Sinai Park House in Burton-on-Trent.

The 50-year-old has conducted research that uncovered links between the Midlands property and the Templars.

He said: “Sinai House is probably the most important house in England.

“It is an awe-inspiring building perched high on a hill overlooking the town.

“A timber-framed structure, crumbling and at risk, it hides secrets of international importance – and probably conceals the truth behind the Holy Grail itself.

The Holy Grail may have been pinpointed

The Holy Grail may have been pinpointed (Image: GETTY)

Historian David Adkins says he has located the treasure

Historian David Adkins says he has located the treasure (Image: BIRMINGHAM LIVE)

“There is a strong argument for the famous Templar hoard being buried somewhere under the house.”

The respected researcher previously made headlines when he tracked down a 10,000-year-old skull known as ‘Greta’.

He came up with his new theory as Sinai House was said to have been used by the Knights and its founder, Hugues de Payens, who reportedly has strong links to the surrounding Burton Abbey Estate.

Researchers have previously tried to explore a secret passageway in the grade 2 listed building in the 19th century but were forced back by fumes and the cellar’s stone archway has remained bricked up since.

Mr Adkins told Birmingham Live: “The first major clue which points to the house as the final resting place of the Templar treasure is, in hindsight, blatantly obvious and almost shouts at us from the pages of history.

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The Holy Grail is discussed in the BIble

The Holy Grail is discussed in the BIble (Image: GETTY)

“For shortly after the Templars left Jerusalem, the Abbey took personal charge of Sinai House.

“The question is why they needed it then, they had never wanted it during the previous 700 years, so why at that particular point in history did they suddenly need the house?

“This is where the unique strategic and geographical location of the house becomes both significant and important.

“Sinai House sits on a labyrinth of natural tunnels and caves. A geologist once told me that there were caverns as big as Westminster Abbey beneath the house.”

Mr Adkins says that is not the only clue that puts the building into contention.

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There is apparently a network of tunnels and caves under Sinai House

There is apparently a network of tunnels and caves under Sinai House (Image: WIKI)

He believes that Burton’s central location would have appealed to the Templars as a way to keep possible invaders away from their treasure.

He added: “The escarpment on which it stands is the southernmost point created by the retreating glacier from the last Ice Age and natural erosion helped create its unique geology.

“As such the natural caves and chambers would have naturally drawn the Templars wanting to conceal their valuable hoard.

“In fact, there was no better place in England for this purpose and as the Templars were natural tunnel builders, they would have found it easy to adapt the tunnels to their needs.

“Back in 1307, powerful people and foreign governments were understandably keen to acquire the hoard and any site near the coast would have been considered far too vulnerable.

Sinai Park House and owner Kate Murphy

Sinai Park House and owner Kate Murphy (Image: BIRMINGHAM LIVE)

“Sinai House in the heart of England did not pose this problem – the Templars knew that an invading force from abroad could never reach the heart of England.

“So being as far from the coast as you could get and in the possession of one of the most powerful abbeys in England, the Templars’ choice of Sinai House was based on both practicalities and logic.”

The historian adds that the monks of Burton Abbey were “notoriously non-conformist and had little allegiance to the Pope or Rome” in what he says was likely a “critical” factor in their choice.

For hundreds of years, attention has been focused on the order’s early occupation of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and what relics the Templars may have found there.

Some believe the order may have once carried the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant, two items central to Bible scripture, yet never found.

The Ark of Covenant may also be hidden there

The Ark of Covenant may also be hidden there (Image: GETTY)

But historian Daniel Jones previously ruled out any possibility of it being uncovered.

He said: “If the Templars had any secret treasure, it remains secret, but I see no special reason why they did have any.

“As for the Holy Grail, there is a connection, but it’s like the connection between James Bond Spectre and MI6 – it exists in fantasy.

“It’s a very long-running, and one of the most successful entertainment stories of the last 800 years.

“Was the Holy Grail real? No, of course, it wasn’t. It was a trope, a literary idea. We must not mistake it for truth.

“I’m not here to kill the fun, but our job is to present the facts as best as we can. The Templars are no fun without the myth, but just keep the history and myth separate.”

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