Murphy: Doping in swimming is a problem. ROC denies it ‘propaganda’

Ryan Murphy, USA accuses swimming doping; Evgeny Rylov of Russia Olympic Committee won the 200m backstroke gold and Luke Greenbank from GB earned bronze. SSN reached out to FINA for comments; ROC refers doping claims as ‘English-language propaganda’

Last updated: 31/07/21 at 10:36 am

After the 200m backstroke final, Ryan Murphy of the USA and Evgeny Rylov from Russia are on the podium.

Luke Greenbank won the Olympic bronze medal in men’s 200m breaststroke, but it was eclipsed by Ryan Murphy’s cryptic comments about how the race wasn’t clean following Evgeny Rylov winning the event.

Murphy did not make any direct accusations about Rylov of the Russian Olympic Committee. Rylov won the 100m men’s breaststroke race earlier in the week and set an Olympic record in the 200m final with a time of 1 minute 53.27 seconds.

Murphy was 0.88secs ahead of him. Britain’s Greenbank came third, 1.45secs behind Rylov. But the American later told reporters that it’s been a huge drain on his ability to swim in a race “probably not clean”.

Rylov was one of more than 300 athletes representing the ROC at the Games. This is after a Court of Arbitration for Sport decision that partly upheld Russia’s appeal against World Anti-Doping Agency sanctiones following revelations of a State-sponsored Doping Program in Russia.

Murphy, USA won the bronze medal earlier in this week’s men’s 100m reversestroke final

Murphy claimed that his remarks at the press conference of the medallists was more directed at swimming in general after an alleged conversation with Brent Nowicki (executive director of FINA’s swimming governing body).

Murphy stated, “I don’t know if the race was 100% clean. That’s due to things that have occurred over time.”

To be clear, I don’t intend to make any claims here. Evgeny congratulations, Luke felicitations Swimming doping is a problem, and that’s what I believe. That is exactly what it is.

“I had the pleasure of meeting the FINA Executive Director, Mr Nowicki at the Olympic trials. We talked about FINA, and what they wanted to do for the sport.

He asked me for my opinion and I replied, “OK, FINA should be more transparent on both the financial and drug testing sides.”

He said, “We are working on this, it’s hard, and it will take a long while to clear the sport of doping.” It’s hard to hear those words coming from the top. This is what I believe.”

Evgeny Rylov won the gold medal with Russia’s Olympic Committee.

Sky Sports News reached out to FINA and USA Swimming.

On Twitter, the Russian Olympic Committee responded, calling out any allegations of doping in Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The statement said: “How nerve-wracking are the wins of our coworkers in the individual categories. We are indeed here at the Olympics. It is true. It doesn’t matter if someone likes it.

But you must learn how to win. Not everyone can do that. It has started to play the Russian Doping song again on the street organ. Somebody is twisting the handle.

English-language propaganda: The source is verbal sweat from Tokyo’s fire, the mouths of defeated and resentful sportsmen.

We will not console. We will forgive the weaker. God is their judge. We are their assistant.

Following the final men’s 200m breaststroke, Greenbank hoists the Union Jack flag. He also collects the bronze award.

Greenbank won his first Olympic gold medal in touching out in 1min 54.72secs. However, Murphy stated that there is more to be done in order to combat doping.

He said, “It’s clearly a difficult situation not knowing if who you are racing against clean.”

It is part of the sport, and more must be done to tackle it.

Ryan is the only person I can speak for. There are a lot…media about the Russian Federation’s entry into the Olympics.

Greenbank wins backstroke bronze

Duncan Scott won his third Tokyo Olympics medal by winning silver in men’s 200m individual Medley, while Luke Greenbank took bronze in 200m backstroke.

It’s disappointing to see that, as an athlete, there’s a state-sponsored drug program going on. I feel like more can be done but it’s not up to me to decide.

Rylov was subject to scrutiny after Murphy’s remarks. However, the two-time Tokyo 2020 Gold medallist in Tokyo 2020 proved that he does compete fairly and is not derogatory because he hails from Russia.

He said, “I’ve always believed in clean competition.”

“I am always tested. “I will complete all forms.

Clean sport is something I believe in from the bottom of my heart. This sport is what I have dedicated my entire life to. It’s overwhelming.

“Ryan is free to think and say what he likes. Today is the present and today is where we live. The future is not here, and we can’t dwell on the past. Only time will tell.

He didn’t accuse me, so I have nothing against him.

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