The Newest City to Reinstate the Mask Mandat

New Orleans: The Newest City to Reinstate the Mask Mandat

The Newest City to Reinstate the Mask Mandat

The topline

The rapid spread of the Delta variant is causing health officials to rethink what had been a long trend of loosening Covid restrictions, leading some cities to reinstate mask mandates for all residents–regardless of vaccine status.

The Key Facts

LaToya Cantrell, Mayor of New Orleans (D), announced that Friday’s city would reinstate its mask mandate. This requires residents to use masks indoors and in public.

Washington, D.C. will reintroduce its mask mandate Saturday morning at 5 AM.

On Wednesday, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms (D), issued a mandate for all residents aged 10 or older to wear masks.

Kansas City’s mask mandate will be in effect once more starting Monday at 12:00 a.m., and requiring that all Kansas City residents over 5 years old wear masks.

At the start of this week, St. Louis reinstated an identical mandate.

Nevada’s latest mask mandate was in effect Friday. It applies to the 12 counties that have “substantial” or high transmission. This includes Clark County, which is home to Las Vegas.

Savannah, Georgia has enacted a mandate requiring residents to use masks indoors.

After a huge coronavirus outbreak, the Cape Cod community in Provincetown, Massachusetts reinstated their mask mandate Sunday.

Los Angeles County became the first U.S. major locality to reinstate a mandate on July 17.

Important Background

The CDC has reversed earlier guidance and urged Americans who are fully vaccinated to cover up in areas of high coronavirus transmission rates. This included the majority of the western United States. The CDC announced in May that fully vaccinated Americans don’t need to use masks and social distance in nearly all situations. This was a surprise for many. However, a significant rise in coronavirus infections due to the Delta variant of the virus and what Dr. Rochelle Walensky called a “worrisome trend” in breakthrough infections among fully vaccinated people prompted the CDC to change its guidelines. Most cities, apart from those listed above, are opting to use the new guidance as just that, though–guidance–rather than to actually put broad mask mandates in place. For now, many localities encourage mask-wearing and some have even put in an “unenforceable” advisory.


At least six states have passed laws that prohibit local governments from placing mask mandates. You can find a complete list here.

Chief Critic

Eric Schmitt, Missouri Attorney General (R), has filed suit to block the St. Louis Mask Mandat. He also promised to sue Kansas City.

CDC recommends masks again – including for fully vaccinated in certain places – amid ‘worrisome” new science about Delta Variant (Forbes).

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