OKC Thunder’s Draft Night Will Lead To A More Future Draft Capital

Six picks by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2021 NBA Draft was an important night for their future.

Thunder General Manager Sam Presti wanted to make it to the top five, his first pick being six years ago. But he was ultimately unable to do so. Oklahoma City chose Josh Giddey, an 18-year old Australian superstar, as sixth.

The Thunder’s fourth international selection since the 2020 NBA Draft was this one.

OKC then had two picks in the first round, just outside of the lottery. The No. 16th overall) was traded to the Houston Rockets in exchange for two future first-rounders. As roster spots are scarce, this was an attempt to increase draft capital.

Presti stated that the pick was “way above the average for general value” when he returned the No. 16.

Oklahoma City picked Tre Mann from Florida with the No. 18. He is a skilled guard and he will be an outstanding shooter as well as scorer at the next level.

The Thunder held the No. The Thunder had the No. 34 and No. 36 picks, respectively. They received 36 picks and were therefore two of the top ten picks for that round. They combined both picks to secure No. 32 were taken from New York Knicks, and Jeremiah Robinson Earley was selected out of Villanova. Robinson-Earl, a solid forward at 6’9″, is an outstanding role player and does everything a team requires to win.

With the No. OKC selected Aaron Wiggins from Maryland as the 55th overall pick. He is a solid forward and could provide Thunder’s wing depth from the bench.

Presti and his team remained busy after the draft was over. They worked early in the morning with Presti and the Jazz to reach a deal which would send Derrick Favors the Thunder. This provided Jazz needed cap relief during their efforts for free agency.

OKC was also given a second rounder by Utah in return. This added to the record amount of draft capital.

Presti and Thunder had a great 12-hour period. They were able to combine picks and ensure that they had the roster slots to sign enough rookies.

After Thursday’s draft was over, Thunder had used two of their first round picks, but were able to acquire three more future firsts, and then came out with more draft capital.

They’ve traded three times in 24 hours. But, they can expect to remain active for the next few days and weeks. Free agency will open soon.

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