Ori Collector’s Edition Set for Nintendo Switch To be available via Iam8bit in the winter. Pre-order

Iam8bit is a specialist in digital releases and limited editions. They have just announced that the Ori Collector’s Edition will be made available on their website later this year. This collection includes two critically-acclaimed games: Ori and the Blind Forest, and Ori the Will of the Wisps. You can pre-order the Ori Collector’s Edition now from their website for $150. We have all the details.

The Ori series is a platforming masterpiece. It’s artistically rich, technical impressive and has a highly tuned gameplay. Ori, the Blind Forest, and the followup Ori, Will of the Wisps, are now available in a Collector’s Edition. This collection is a perfect example of iam8bit’s collaborative spirit. We worked closely with Moon Studios, a developer to make it. The set begins with a transformable glow-in-the dark box, which serves as the display base for its show-stopper — the magnificent stained glass art piece. It is as though it were taken from the Cathedral of the Spirit Tree. You’ll then be treated to rare production art in multiple packs-ins, including “The Flora & Fauna of Ori”, a field guide, a sketchbook zine and a collection of art cards. Digital downloads of both the soundtracks as well as a glow-in-the dark pin with Ori and Ku are also available. The Ori Collector’s Edition will be exclusive to iam8bit. It ships internationally, however it is only available for a short time.


  • Glow in the Dark Premium Display Box for “Transforming” Products
  • Majestic stained glass art piece
  • The Flora & Fauna of Ori Field Guide
  • The Sketchbook Zine features rarely-seen production art
  • Collection of Art Cards
  • Glow in the Dark Pin, Hard Enamel
  • Digital download cards for Ori, the Blind Forest, and Ori the Will of the Wisps musics by Gareth Coker
  • Ori, the Will of The Wisps, and Ori, the Blind Forest are available in physical editions. They feature exclusive, reversible cover art (Region free – worldwide compatibility)

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