Secrets to avoid paying PS200,000 at the hotel Five-star hotel: What the royals do

For a stay in one of our luxury suites, guests at Mandarin Oriental will be charged up to PS20,000 per night.

According to the concierge, for this price they must be able fulfill all their guests’ wishes.

One time, he revealed that they had to make liquid frozen for a woman who needed it to fly from London to Boston. He said that they used nitrogen to do this.

A guest asked for an elephant to be part of an Indian wedding at Regent’s Park.

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For his daughter’s photos, he wanted an elephant.

The concierge said, “And that was possible.”

Many VIP guests are welcomed to Mandarin Oriental by royal families.

Today’s episode features a Middle East Princess arriving with 200 pieces of luggage.


To welcome Princess Diana, the concierge had to remain until the wee hours of the morning with the rest the staff. He explained that this was a necessary sacrifice to ensure a good first impression.

It’s not all about the product. He said that while any hotel could offer a nice room in a hotel, the real value is in providing personal service.

He admitted that they had a problem with royals, and they don’t pay any of the bills.

“One thing I have learned most from the royal family was that they take a long time to pay their bills.

“Last year, we hosted some royal guests. It took them nine months to make the payment.

He explained that you need to speak with the individual responsible for the finances.

The concierge became concerned today as it looked like the bill for the princess was very high: PS200,000

He attempted to get the payment made now or at least 50% of it. But he was unsuccessful.

“I tried to chase them all day, and was close but couldn’t make it.

The trick is to become a member of any royal family to avoid having to pay a monthly hotel bill.

Housed in an Edwardian-style Edwardian building, the Mandarin Oriental London is located. The original opening of the hotel was in 1908 at the Hyde Park Hotel. It was then converted to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in 1996.

The hotel was visited many times over the years by royals including Queen Mary, wife of George V, and Edward VIII.

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