Sekiro speedrunner completes game blindfolded


A Twitch streamer completed, in what seems to be an unprecedented feat of skill, a blindfolded speedrun for Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. You read it right.

Mitchriz, a streamer, completed Sekiro’s Shura end earlier this week in four hours, 35 mins and 13 seconds while blindfolded. Below is a video of Mitchriz’s run. Spoilers for his final boss.

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You should watch the remainder of the video, also, because it is fascinating to see Mitchriz use only audio cues to navigate Sekiro’s universe. He also comes with an input overlay that allows you to see his movements using the keyboard and mouse. Mitchriz must count down seconds as he walks along cliff edge sections. He often has to dart forwards in order to control his movement. Mitchriz may use a sword to slash against walls, the sound changing to indicate his location. While Grapple points can be used to navigate, enemy sounds and cutscenes help to telegraph Mitchriz’s position.

However, it wasn’t easy sailing. Mitchriz fell off the cliff edge several times and had to use his homeward idol in certain situations to go back to earlier points or start a new section.

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Sekiro has a lot of audio cues to warn enemies, which Mitchriz seems to have been able to use to help time his parries, attacks and other abilities. The battle against Corrupted Monk was a very tense one. Mitchriz stated that this was the “one we could literally not kill if there were no items.” To overwhelm Corrupted monk, he used a lot of snap seeds, ash and divine confetti.

Amazingly, Mitchriz beat the Armoured Warrior mini boss in his first attempt. He angled his last attack to make the boss fall over the bridge and Mitchriz was surprised that he did this in one try.

Guardian Ape was more difficult for Mitchriz. He managed to kill the ape in one hit on his first try, but he was smacked down and then reacted slowly the second time. He had to do it “the hard way”, with less items. It proved difficult: getting out of reach of the blood scream attack by the ape was an especially challenging point. Mitchriz persevered and beat the monkey in his sixth attempt.


Mitchriz eventually made it to Isshin the last boss of the Shura end, where he was defeated on his second attempt. Mitchriz stated at the conclusion of the run, “Four-and-a-half hours…that’s really fast.” It was not something I expected to be possible in one attempt. It was difficult… but it went according to plan.

You can see part one and part 2 of the stream here.

At one time, Mitchriz held the record in the Sekiro Any% category for fastest Sekiro endings. He also holds the current record for fastest Shura endings without airswim. It appears that he has been working on the blindfolded Sekiro Run for more than a month and doesn’t plan to quit anytime soon. To improve his record, he has since added another stream that focuses on optimizing the blindfolded Sekiro run.

This is a remarkable display of memory – Mitchriz had to not only remember how to navigate the world or beat bosses but also navigate menus and recall the items he acquired on the run. This shura made me feel somewhat embarrassed about my nonblindfolded Sekiro efforts.

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