The Morning After: Your PS5’s SSD can be upgraded if you wish. You meet all criteria


You can now upgrade the SSD storage of your PS5 console. This is a good thing considering that it already requires large game files. However, it’s much more difficult than simply plugging in an USB drive. You must first be a PS5 Beta user, either in the USA, Canada, or parts of Europe. You will need a PCIe Gen4 SATA SSD to read at least 5,500MB/s — options include Western Digital, Seagate, and Samsung.

However, that is not all. In its guide for SSD upgrades, Sony mentions that the cooling system of your PS5 must be considered. You might need to either add heatsinks to your SSD, or select a compatible SSD that has the cooling mechanism built in.

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It must also have the correct-sized heatsink. Sony recommends that you do the entire installation in well-lit rooms, with a flashlight optional.

So you don’t need to worry about all these things, did you purchase a new-generation console? Sorry. Now it’s time for a heatsink measurement. This feature will be available to all non-beta PS5 owners later in the year.

(TLDR) The Western Digital Black SN850 Heatsink model is recommended if you are looking to expand your PS5 storage.

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You may be looking for a small gaming computer.

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

The Intel desktop PC series is now even more impressive. It’s a similar design to last year’s NUC 9 Extreme. It’s faster and more versatile than the NUC 9 Extreme, and it supports full-sized GPUs. Although it is larger, its ability to run full-sized GPUs make it an affordable gaming desktop choice. Devindra Hardawar tests it.Keep reading.

Check out the trailer for the first game.

A game that you can play with a cat! We finally see the game live after it was teased back in 2020. Next year, news has also been released about its arrival. The game requires you to use your physical skills as a cat in order to navigate through the environment and solve problems. Also, you can scratch furniture.Keep reading.

This is a tribute for tech design from the past.

Engadget and Mat Smith

The long-awaited launch of Nothing is nearly here. The transparent-cased, wireless earbuds are $100. They sound great, and perhaps not surprisingly, look very cool. Although the Ear 1s have a bit more connectivity than higher-end headphones, they are still stylish and will be available in the US starting next month. Mat Smith tests the buds.Keep reading.

Johansson will be released simultaneously for more than $50 million.

Jay Maidment/Marvel Studios

Black WidowDisney’s decision not to show the film in theatres is leading Scarlett Johansson, star of Scarlett Johansson, to sue.Disney+ simultaniouslyThis is a. Johansson claims that this is a breached contract. Johansson claims that this was a breach of contract.Black WidowMarvel had agreed to release it exclusively in theatres. The box-office success of the film was a major part of Johansson’s salary.

It is possible that the move to release the film via Disney+ had an impact onBlack WidowPerformance in theatres According toVarietyBased on box office, the movie is on pace to be one of Marvel’s lowest-grossing movies.Keep reading.

The rules are well-known.


Undso do I. Keep reading.

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