The Narrative of Lost at Sea: Exploring It

Which are your most significant moments?Lost At SeaThis game is about death and life, and how to come to terms with the past. It also focuses on family. This game is set on an idyllic island and will make you look beyond your fears to take stock of your life. It features imaginative puzzles, a story and the ability to relate.

Lost at Sea is the story about Anna who has found herself alone in the fall of her life. She will need to look back at her history in order to create a new future. You can help her build memories by putting together puzzles and objects on an island. Then, you will have to face the same question that we all eventually face: “Did it go right?”

Lost at Sea is a collection of moments from Anna’s life. These moments are moments we recognize and make us wonder how we got so much of life. It’s a unique perspective that we rarely see in video games. Anna is a woman and mother who has just reached the end of her career, yet is still a vital part of the community, actively planning for her future.

In games that focus on the 50-70 age range, women are often overlooked. It is common to see grandmas 80 years old, young mothers and women in their 40s. We are happy to be able to focus on another age/life stage with Lost At Sea.

Lost At Sea combines narrative and nonlinear storytelling with metaphorical spaces, puzzles and metaphorical spaces to allow the players to follow Anna’s journey.

The environmental storytelling is another layer. This island serves as the background of the game and allows players to explore larger emotions and face their fears. Last but not least, the narrative is completed by the thoughts and feelings of the protagonist in the present. These will carry players along the storyline.

Puzzles in the game are meant to help you see specific times of a person’s life. This allows you to show how human life can look from birth to death. These puzzles also have meaningful objects that connect Anna to those moments. Anna is also told her story through miniature stories and voice-overs.

Lost At SeaWe invite you to discover the idyllic landscapes of this island, dreamlike places, and uncover its secrets. As you go deeper into Anna’s soul and mind, you will also be able to solve some puzzles. Because Anna’s struggles, triumphs, and fears are very real, we hope that you will be able to join us on our journey.

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