The New Owner’s Track Drive is a Hidden Treasure That Comes with A New BMW


The New Owner’s Track Drive is one of the most overlooked benefits that people get when they buy a BMW. The BMW Performance Centers offer this half-day course. This is a secret code that unlocks the full potential of your BMW car for its new owner.

How to Book the Course

Driving every BMW M car available on a track with a professional BMW instructor? Yes, please! Driving a BMW X5 through an intense off-road course through water and up and down incredibly steep hills? Where do I sign up?

Each new BMW 2021 comes with 2 “seats” on the course. It costs $299 to add a second guest. My wife, my college-aged daughter and I took our whole family. So, I had to purchase an extra seat.

The coordinator will need to know the VIN number of the BMW you are looking for and the name of the BMW dealership you bought it from when you call. After some clacking at the keyboard, a pause for me to verify that my VIN was correct, I used my credit card to purchase our daughter’s clothes.

Every day begins with a cup of coffee

The morning check-in process was typical German uber efficient. So much so that I had time to grab an espresso in the cafe while waiting for the course to start. Fun fact: Even the coffee cups had Roundels on them. All the participants get great looking BMW lanyards with name badges.

My group’s most loved new vehicle was the BMW X3 Sports Activity Vehicle, which happens to be the same BMW that joined my garage.

The morning starts with introductions and a short classroom outlining basic things such as seat position, the importance of vision and hand position. The day is broken down into an off-road segment demonstrating the importance of the xDrive system aboard the X5.

The “Performance Drive”, which is a driving experience on the track, will be next. It features some of the most powerful Ultimate Driving Machines. The final part of the M5 Competition is the Hot Lap with an instructor from BMW behind the wheel.

This is my favorite part of the day. This is an unforgettable tire-smoking/shredding sideways experience that I will never forget, riding alongside Laura Hayes, who’s phenomenally talented.

Don’t Leave Without A Souvenir

We spent some time at their Performance Center gift shop adding additional BMW paraphernalia and course materials to our closets. After grabbing lunch, we headed outside to BMW CCA Foundation Museum. We were able to see a historical display just before it closed.

Last on the list: A BMW Museum tour and a factory visit. Although the BMW Museum does not have many cars on display, it is very high-quality. Check out the BMW F1 car. Check out the first BMW made there.

Although the factory tour was amazing, they wouldn’t allow us to take pictures. It’s an amazing way to enjoy a day in BMWs. It’s the best way to spend an entire day.

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