The new Steam storage manager is pretty cool. It’s nice

The beta version is now available.

The Steam Deck is due to be released in the near future. This shows that Valve has made more improvements in quality and life for Steam.

The beta channel has received a new update that introduces a storage manager.

You will find a tabbed view of your drives, along with a visual representation showing what files (games, DLC and other apps) are taking up space. There is also a list listing all games on each drive.

It is an enormous improvement over the old interface which listed where you had your library, what games were on each drive and how much space was left.


You can opt in to Steam Beta Channel to get early access to the storage manager. Go to Steam Settings and click on the Accounts tab. Then toggle beta participation. You can download the storage manager or use Steam Settings to find it after a restart.

Publited at Fri, 30 July 2021 at 14:59.26 +0000

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