Vivo is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s cuddly animation about a musical monkey: It’s more than songs

Opening scene: Cuddly kinkajou Vivo (Juan de Marcos Gonzalez) busks in Cuban squares with Andres, his old human partner.

Although it’s an acceptable number, after listening to a lot of similar songs in Miranda’s latest In The Heights, I wish he had played around with his winning formula.

It’s not all about the music, however.

The bond between Vivo and Andres is soon severed. Vivo sets out to sing a song of love to Marta Sandoval, the Miami singer (Gloria Estefan), who is Marta Sandoval’s love.

This cheeky monkey sneaks in the suitcase of Gabi (Ynairaly Simo), a rebellious tween who is visiting Cuba to attend the funeral of her great uncle.

They form a dynamic double act when they find themselves lost in Florida’s Everglades. There they meet a villainous python, Michael Rooker (Michael Rooker), and a couple of love-sick spoonbills Dancarino and Valentina (Nicole Byer).

Now in cinemas, Netflix August 6

Publiated at Thu 29 July 2021, 23:01:00 +0000

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