We remember Pokemon Go’s first anniversary five years ago Sommer

We wanted to reminisce about a favorite memory, the very first Pokemon Go summer in 2016. This was when it became a worldwide phenomenon. This was one of those moments when everyone would talk about it – even Eurogamer.

As news editor Tom Phillips and Chris Tapsell discuss their first encounters with the game. It was a difficult task to find the right way to write about it.

We look back on some of the first articles we wrote about the game, from its ability to bring people together via bars and taxi services. Wes also gives his take on tabloid coverage and the hidden statistics that made it as complicated as the main series.

Tom has a great piece about his experiences with Pokemon Go over the years and the more challenging storytelling that occurred during Go Fest. Yes, Pokemon Go is still being played five years later.

Publited Fri, 30 July 2021 at 12:28:01 +0000

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