According to the Ascent developer, it is on the case when players find PC Version does not include DLSS or ray tracing, but Game Pass has them. Steam

The Ascent, a cyberpunk-themed RPG shooter has been released. The Ascent’s developer said that it is working to fix the problem after users discovered that The Ascent PC version does not have DLSS or ray tracing. However, Steam still supports them.

The Ascent, published by Curve Digital and developed by Neon Giant, came out this week (check out our review to see what we thought) on PC and Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S, with a day-one launch on Xbox Game Pass.

The Digital Foundry Video Breakdown for The Ascent is available. It was tested on every Xbox console and the PC.

The Game Pass version does not have the same graphics capabilities as the Steam version. Players quickly discovered this. The Game Pass version doesn’t support Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling tech and ray tracking is not possible.

DLSS, a technology exclusive to Nvidia graphics card that utilizes deep learning to upscale lower resolution images to a high-resolution image and increase framerate.

“We are working on bringing them up to parity,” Tor Frick, co-founder of Neon Giant said to questions about this on Twitter.

“It is being looked at, with the intent of fixing it/bringing it to parity with Steam across the board,” Frick said in another tweet.

We are working closely with our partners to address this issue as quickly as possible! reads another tweet by Frick. The build processes for both versions are distinct, and not simply a swap of storefronts.

The Ascent does not support ray tracing on Xbox Series X or S – it is a PC-only feature, Frick confirmed in an interview with wccftech published earlier this week.

Neon Giant, an indie development company made up 12 individuals, is based in Uppsala in Sweden. Digital Foundry took a look at The Ascent this week.

Publited Sat 31 July 2021, 12:41:13 +0000

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